Saturday, July 4, 2020

7 nursing common sense for newborns, all you want to know is here

1. Can't cut the baby's ears

When the baby is young, the ears have a self-cleaning function. The newborn baby’s ears are delicate and delicate. No matter how light you are, it will cause damage to the ears. When you look at a lot of earwax, it may be gone after two days. Sometimes you will find that your baby likes to shake his head. This is also a way to eliminate earwax.

2. Baby oral care

Sometimes when the baby sticks its tongue out, Baoma will find that there are white things on the baby's tongue fur. This is the milk stains left by the baby. The editor recommends to give the baby a milk, after the burp, use gauze dipped in warm water Wipe your baby's mouth and gums with gentle movements. Gauze can only be used once, not repeatedly.

3. Umbilical cord care

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord will be left on the baby for a period of time. The nurse will help the baby to care for the umbilical cord when in the hospital. Baoma will also take care of the umbilical cord after returning home. The doctor or nurse will tell you the umbilical cord when you go home How to care, use iodine and cotton swabs during care, and clean the area of ​​the umbilical cord from the inside to the outside. A cotton swab can only be used once, do not repeat it, it will cause infection.

4. Baby wipes

When you buy wet wipes for your baby, you must read the instructions carefully. When you buy it, buy a small bag first, then open it and smell it, try it on your own hands, and then smell whether there is alcohol or whether it is there. If you don't have any fragrance, you can buy wipes with confidence. After all, baby's small skin is delicate and delicate, and irritated wipes can cause baby's skin diseases.

5. Kiss the baby frequently

When there is a baby in the family, the baby is really afraid of falling into his hands, and it is afraid of falling in his mouth. It is okay to see the delicate face and want to kiss. This treasure mother needs to pay attention. The baby is born with immunity and The resistance is very low. Many bacteria carried by adults are harmful to the baby, especially the baby. It must be stopped to prevent them from causing harm to the baby. Baoma and Baobao should also reduce the baby.

6. Bathe the baby

The baby will take a bath when he is born. During the confinement period, Baoma’s umbilical cord will not fall off. There is no way to bathe the baby. Baoma can use warm water to wipe the baby’s body. You need a person to help before wiping. , Momma wipes another person's clothes. When Momma wipes, her hand speed should be fast and soft, or it will make your baby catch a cold. Wait until the umbilical cord drops, and then lie down and wash it in the bathtub.

7. Cut your baby's nails

This can be because the metabolism is faster when the baby is young, you will find that the baby's nails grow quickly, when you don't pay attention, you scratch your face, and sometimes you will scratch the treasure when breast milk Mom, so Momma can cut your baby's nails, still the same fast and soft.

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