Wednesday, July 1, 2020

7 days after the ovulation day, if there are these changes in the body, it indicates that the fertilized egg has been implanted.

Women who are preparing for pregnancy are often very sensitive. It can be said that if they hear a word related to pregnancy throughout the day, they will consciously take the seat and label themselves. For various reasons, it is becoming more and more difficult for young people to conceive successfully. It is no wonder that women will be particularly excited when they know they are pregnant.

For women who are pregnant for a period of time but are not yet pregnant, they basically know their ovulation day. Some women even go to the hospital for follicle monitoring to calculate the ovulation day. For women, ovulation day After 7 days, if there are changes in the body, it is actually suggesting that the fertilized egg has been implanted. This is the best news for women who are preparing for pregnancy, but some women do not know because they have no experience. This situation.

The first change is the change in basal body temperature, especially for some women who are more sensitive to body temperature, their feelings in this area will be particularly obvious after the fertilized egg is implanted. It is also recommended here that if a woman finds that she has a change in body temperature after a week on ovulation day, do not think that she is taking a medicine indiscriminately if she has a cold. Improper use of medicine will be harmful to herself.

The second change is chest discomfort. After the implantation of the fertilized egg, women will also feel that the chest is swollen and uncomfortable. This feeling is almost the same as when menstruation is about to come. However, it should also be noted that some women are not pregnant and chest discomfort is actually a sign before menstruation. Therefore, it is recommended that women must distinguish clearly and do not confuse the two.

The third type of change is mental insecurity and total sleepiness. When a woman feels that she hasn't done some tiring work or got sick, but she feels powerless, has a bad spirit, and is always sleepy. You should pay attention at this time. It may be that the good news is coming.

If a woman in pregnancy is about to undergo these changes in one week after the ovulation day, most of them are "winning." On the contrary, if you are pregnant for a long time but there is no good news, women should also relax and don’t put too much pressure on themselves. To do a good job in these areas, a good pregnancy may come sooner.

Exercise and improve physical fitness: This can be said to be of great help. For women, proper exercise and improving their physical fitness will not only make a good pregnancy come earlier, but also have a good quality of pregnancy. It will be higher. The so-called eugenics and eugenics are inseparable from women and their other half have a healthy and strong body.

Taking folic acid in time: Taking folic acid in time is also very helpful for women who are preparing for pregnancy. Folic acid can also reduce the probability of fetal malformation after conception. But taking folic acid, you should insist on it. Many women are able to do it when they are preparing for pregnancy, but they don’t want to eat it after a period of time. This is not good. You must take folic acid in time. This is a wise move.

Timely rest: Rest as early as possible in the evening, and stay up late will also help women get pregnant early. The reason why some women can't get pregnant is because of unreasonable work and rest, which causes confusion of the biological clock. So if you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, women must change this bad habit.

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