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3 year old girl actually got vaginitis? Pay attention to these situations in the baby's private parts

"Those things that may happen in the nursing of the female treasure private parts"


Gynecological diseases are not only for women

It’s easy for the baby

the most important reason

Just one word

Wash your baby's clothes and socks together

Love open crotch pants

Do not pay attention to the order


These behaviors

Will attract all kinds of pathogens

And the baby's internal and external genitals are not yet mature

Can't resist the nuisance of dirty invasion at all

Plus the high vaginal pH

It simply provides a place for pathogens

Vaginal inflammation is not strange to find the door!

Vaginitis tips:

Infants and children (especially school-age girls) are more likely to get vulvovaginitis, and the situation will improve after entering puberty.

The baby's performance of vaginitis:

●Itching, scratching the crotch;

●The sitting or walking posture is strange and looks uncomfortable;

●Redness or swelling of the vulva skin;

●The vagina emits a pungent odor and secretions increase.

Mild vulvovaginitis does not necessarily require medical attention.

In addition

Too tight pants

Wet diapers

Irritating soap

Foreign matter stuffing, etc.

It is also the "culprit" causing vaginitis

In addition to developing correct nursing habits

Sex education is also very important

Urinary tract infection

Compared to baby boy

Baby girl's genitals are closer to the anus

Urethra is also shorter

Easily infected by bacteria

Once found

Frequent urination, urgency, blood in the urine, etc.

Or your baby said

"Ma Ma, I have a pee pain"

Oh my baby

Most likely the urinary tract infection


The smaller the baby, the less typical the symptoms

Sometimes only release a fever signal

It's easy to make parents mistaken for colds

It's hard to find!

Tips for urinary tract infection:

Timely discovery and timely treatment are the most important!

<2 years old: Because the symptoms are not obvious, it is easy to be ignored. If your baby has an unexplained high fever (neither a respiratory infection nor diarrhea), seek medical attention immediately.

>2 years old: The symptoms are relatively clear (frequent urination/pain, bedwetting, low fever, abdominal pain, etc.).

Because it is mostly caused by bacterial infections, the use of antibiotics is the most effective treatment.

Usually prevent four words to remember-

Xiaobaoqin changing diapers

Dabao pays attention not to hold back urine

Wipe ass from front to back

Drinking water every day is indispensable

Labial adhesions

But one day when I wash my ass

Suddenly found

Word God!

The baby's vagina can't see it

Labia on both sides

What the hell is sticking together?

Don't worry

This is a common disease

Medically called labial adhesions

The general reason is

Baby lacks estrogen

And various stimuli:

Infections, trauma, diapers, lotions, inferior underwear...

The labia easily stick together

What should I do?

Tips for labial adhesions:

Labial adhesions may occur in the first few months of the child's birth, or they may occur in older babies.

It is recommended to consult a doctor to choose manual separation or no treatment according to different situations (many will naturally separate after adolescence).


Don't force yourself apart

Instead, it will cause harm

Good hygiene

Is the best defense

please! wear! Inside! pants!

This is for babies who have quit diapers

It's really important (scream~)

Baby girl's private parts cleaning

Also more particular

Please follow:

Order from top to bottom, back to back

(Ie pudendal → anus)

Moisten with clean gauze

Just gently wipe the surface of the vaginal opening

(No need to wash inside the vagina)

Also note

Don't give your baby a long hot bath

Wash baby clothes (especially shorts underwear) and adults separately

Separate bathtubs, towels, bath towels, etc. from parents

Try to separate your legs when you urinate

Reduce urine residue on skin

Cleaned in time after drawing

Choose pure, natural and non-irritating toiletries

Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Say goodbye to open crotch pants decisively

Do all of the above

In order to protect private parts from harm

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