Thursday, July 9, 2020

3 pieces of advice: the sex principle that girls should grasp before having sex

For many people, when feelings rise to a certain level, it is normal to have a relationship and a desire to blend spirit and flesh. This is normal for girls. Although in today's general environment, sexual desire makes many girls shy, but it is not necessary. But before girls decide to have sex with boys, they need to grasp the three principles of sex.

One, three advices: the sex principle that girls should grasp

1. The first principle: carefully consider traveling with him

If you do not plan to have a relationship with a boy, never travel with him. When you are not ready, do not enter a private space with a boy, this is the first important point. The best way to fix a mistake is to avoid it.

2. The second principle: learn to refuse

In the course of sexual relations, if you don’t want to, you must stop him firmly, and don’t give up and refuse because of embarrassment or embarrassment.

3. The third principle: safety measures should be in place

There must be sufficient security measures for the relationship. Girls should also pay attention to the fact that if a boy behaves incorrectly in this kind of "frank meeting", it will have a great impact on your relationship. When the boys are not ready, you have to choose whether to advance or retreat according to your wishes.

The voluntary relationship between the two parties is splendid. Whether it's just beginning to fall in love, or the two parties have entered a deeper relationship, and may even be married, never relax the exploration of gender relations, and always go in a deeper direction to develop. You will find that in fact, the world of two people is very interesting when exploring in depth.

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