Sunday, July 5, 2020

3 Misunderstandings of Mother Feeding Night Milk

1. Misunderstanding: baby feeds at night

Some novice mothers sleep very lightly at night, fearing that they will fall asleep and cannot hear the baby’s movements. If the baby babbles at night, Baoma thinks that the baby is hungry, so he will hug the baby and start breastfeeding. Habit, if you want to cut off the milk at night, it will be a little difficult. If the baby babbles, Baoma can try to pat the baby in her arms and coax the child to sleep. If the baby falls asleep, it means the baby is not hungry Then, there is no need to feed the baby.

2. Myth: Don’t pump nipples after feeding your baby

In order to be lazy and save trouble, some mothers want to make themselves sleep more. Every time the baby finishes feeding, they do not take out their nipples, which is convenient for the baby to eat directly when hungry, but often overlooks important things. Baby sleeping with nipples will increase the chance of baby suffocation;

Baoma's milk is secreted continuously, and babies sleeping with nipples are prone to choking milk, or the milk is left in the baby's ears, causing diseases such as otitis media; there are also long-term nipples, baby's mouth shape It will not look good, with a pouting shape.

3. Myth: Baby eats milk and eats one side

Baoma looks tired after seeing the child all day long. In addition, the baby wakes up at night to have milk. Many Baoma can sleep more for themselves. At night, the baby is hungry and turns over directly to let the baby breastfeed, but this action Yes, one thing is wrong. Baoma needs to pad the breast milk first, and then let the baby eat that one, so that the baby can eat it alternately, which can prevent the baby from eating for a long time, causing the baby to have a torticollis and head deviation. Or Baoma's breasts are big and small.

Correct feeding:

1. At night, Momma will have to breastfeed even if she is tired;

2. After the baby is full of milk at night, Bao Ma gets out of bed and burps, or Bao Dad burps;

3. In the evening, the baby sang, don’t breastfeed first, you must coax to sleep first, if the baby falls asleep, don’t breastfeed, the baby is not hungry;

4. When feeding your baby, it’s good for Baoma to exchange breastfeeding;

5. After the baby finishes breastfeeding, Baoma needs to pull out the nipple in time, not to let the baby sleep with it;

The above is the parenting method for novice mothers to make mistakes. I hope Baoma, who has these habits, should pay attention to it, and you must correct it, otherwise it will be difficult to correct it when the baby is growing up.

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