Wednesday, July 8, 2020

3 common symptoms of ovulation, mastering one can help you increase the chance of conception!

When the female body appears, what is the easiest to get pregnant?

1. Brushed leucorrhea

Women's own ovulation has a great relationship with the arrival of menstruation. Even if some women have irregular menstruation, it will affect women's ovulation to a certain extent. If a woman wants to have a baby, she should start paying attention to her physical changes about a week after menstruation. Especially the secretions of your body, if you find that there are brushed or watery leucorrhea in the secretions, you should pay attention, which shows that the ovulation period is coming.

2. Pain in the lower abdomen

When women are ovulating, they often appear in the lower abdomen, and there will be faint pain. Some may be less obvious, this requires women to pay attention to observe. Another point to note is that the location of women's abdominal pain will be different every month. This has a great relationship with the ovary that women ovulate every month. If a woman ovulates on the left ovary, then on the left side of the lower abdomen Mild pain. If the right ovary ovulates, there will be a slight pain on the right side of the lower abdomen.

3. There is a small increase in body temperature

Generally speaking, a person's body temperature is not fixed, but it is difficult for a person to perceive a small increase in body temperature. At this time, women need to use snacks more often. If the couple is preparing for pregnancy, the wife should prepare a thermometer, keep an eye on her body temperature, and make a rough record. If it is measured on a certain day, it is found that his body temperature is slightly higher than his normal value, and this time point roughly coincides with his ovulation period. Well, this shows that the ovulation period is coming.

If you want a child, before preparing for pregnancy, it is best for both spouses to go to the hospital for an examination in advance, so as to eliminate those adverse factors that affect fertility. In addition, when preparing for pregnancy, both husband and wife should also pay attention to their emotions, not too nervous, depressed, etc., otherwise it will affect pregnancy.

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