Monday, July 6, 2020

3 actions prohibited when teasing a child may cause a baby's cerebral hemorrhage

Adding a new member to the family is a happy event for the family and will want to hug the child, but don’t ignore these three things when holding the child. Repeating the three actions for a long time will cause the baby’s cerebral hemorrhage. Causes great harm to the baby.

These three actions are what we usually use to coax and tease children. Repeating these three actions needs to be slow, and violent shaking will cause damage to the child's brain. Let the editor give you an example to tell you.

1. Shake the child

I don’t know if you remember that a babysitter treated a child before. The babysitter took the child to coax the child to sleep quickly, shaking the child violently back and forth. Many functions of the child in the month were not mature, so the violent shaking before and after the baby The cervical spine and the brain cause a lot of damage, and the baby will be comatose with a light touch, the focus is on the brain hemorrhage.

2. Throw the child up

This action is generally used by male friends to tease children, throwing children into the air, some children will make a "cough, cluck, cough" laugh, but everyone still remembers, some men did not receive after throwing the child Child, what is the last consequence is the cry of the parents, there are many people who say that I will not make this kind of mistake, one has done thousands of same operations, he dare not say that he will not make mistakes, so this It is best not to have movements.

3. Throw on the bed

This action is something that angry parents will do. Generally, this is when the baby is crying, and when the parents are upset, many angry parents will throw the child on the bed. No matter, they don’t think it’s okay for the bed to be soft, but the child’s buttocks first contact the bed, then the brain. When the brain touches, there is a bump. The child’s brain is not fully developed. There are many nerves, if the consequences are very serious, it will be too late to regret it, so don't do this action.

Editor's suggestion:

(1). Shake the child to shake slowly, one hand to drag the baby's head;

(2). Don’t lift the child up, sometimes it will scare the child, you can lift the child to a height parallel to your head, so that the baby can see you and facilitate your communication;

(3). Don't throw the bed, you should lightly put the child on the bed, first put the hip on the bed, then gently pull out the hand, let the child lie down slowly;

(4) Parents should pay attention to their own ways to coax their children to happy or sleep;

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