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How to relieve the pain when you love love

Ai Ai is a pleasure between husband and wife, but basically everyone will hurt the first few times in love. This is because Ai Ai’s foreplay and skills have not been mastered, so that women feel pain when inserting . So how can couples alleviate the pain during love? Come and learn quickly.

How to relieve the pain when you love love

1. Pay attention to foreplay

For women, sex foreplay is a must, especially for young women who are not experienced in sex. Sex therapists recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes before vaginal intercourse for kissing, hugging, full-body caressing each other, and oral sex. After making the vagina moist enough, sex will not hurt so much.

2. Use lubricant

After the age of 40, women begin to slowly move towards menopause. Many women cannot produce enough natural vaginal lubricants. Lubrication problems are becoming more and more common. Women who feel vaginal dryness and discomfort can use lubricants.

3. The action needs to be gentle

During sex, if you use too much force, women will still feel pain. The musculature of the female vagina will relax only when she is "warming up" and ready for sexual intercourse, and only when the penis enters slowly will it "give way" without causing pain.

4. Condom allergy

Women are allergic to condoms and cause contact dermatitis, which can lead to pain during sexual intercourse. If the female vulva skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to buy qualified high-quality products. If the vulva is red or itchy, it is best to consult a doctor. After the disease is cured, sex pain Will ease.

What should women do if they are cold?

Indifferent sex actually refers to lack of libido. In layman's terms, it means no interest in sex and decreased libido. Frigidity and anorgasmia are two different concepts. The two can occur at the same time or at different times. Therefore, frigidity can be divided into two types: with sex deficiency, sex frigid syndrome and no sex deficiency, sex frigid syndrome. So why are women so prone to indifference?

What should a woman do if she is cold?

1. The intimacy between husband and wife only appears in the bed, but not in other places.

2. Sex does not make you feel that you and your partner are connected and blended with each other.

3. In sex, one party is always active, while the other party is always passive.

4. For sex, you have no expectations.

5. Sex is just a routine for you.

6. There is no sexual fantasies for the other half.

7. Live twice a month or even once.

What should I do if I encounter frigidity?

In fact, to change female sexual frigidity, acupressure can be used to treat female frigidity. In addition, exercise is an effective way to improve sexual frigidity. Exercise can not only reduce mental stress, but also effectively improve blood circulation and sexual psychology. .

1. Exercise can reawaken your depressed body and find that you are still a sexual person. Rejuvenate the human body and enhance the self-confidence to control the environment and sexual life.

2. It can directly strengthen the waist and abdomen muscles involved in sexual intercourse and promote the secretion of sexual desire hormones, especially for women who show frigidity due to poor physical strength. Exercise can increase the supply of sex hormones, oxygen and nutrients, which is conducive to strong sex endurance. Exercise can make your waist and abdomen muscles strong and powerful, which can cause you to not feel tired during intercourse, and through different sexual asanas to enhance the emotional communication between husband and wife and enrich the sex life.

3. Exercise can reduce mental stress, make you feel more relaxed and be able to show your enthusiasm during intercourse.

4. It can treat the whole body and local blood circulation, make women [5] vaginal and pelvic congestion during sexual intercourse, produce lubrication, reduce the discomfort caused by vaginal dry friction; make the genitals more sensitive and promote orgasm.

5. Let women keep fit and enhance sexual attractiveness. Exercise can make you proud of your health and fitness, and at the same time will make your lover unrestrained and satisfied. Your lover will pour their stronger love to each other.

6. Exercise can produce endorphins in the body, help eliminate depression, treat emotions, increase sexual excitement, stimulate sexual desire, and prevent lack of pleasure in sexual life.

7. Exercise can make your muscles in the sex zone stronger during intercourse. Exercise can contract all the muscles of the pelvic muscles and vagina area, which is helpful for the treatment of bone vessel distribution, increase the congestion, and increase the blood flow rate, which will cause the vagina area to bulge. The greater the blood flow, the more sensitive the touch. The increased distribution of blood vessels will produce lubrication during intercourse and improve the quality of intercourse.

Twenty-eight secrets in bed, incredible after reading

Not everyone is devoted to studying those things about sex, but if you really want to investigate it, there are indeed many incredible secrets! Whether you care whether they are actually there, you might as well follow the editor to find out more, maybe it will improve your new understanding of sex.

Twenty-eight secrets on the bed are incredible after reading

1. Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are not only useful in winter. Putting it under the buttocks during sex will make the blood circulation in the pelvis smoother and help you find a better position for sex.

2. The gap between orgasms

Experts discovered the fact that only 26% of women in heterosexual intercourse reach orgasm, but in homosexuals this number is as high as 86%.

4. Statistics of the number of sex

Americans topped the list with 124 sex a year, Greeks ranked second with 117 times a year, and South Africans ranked third with 116 times a year. The German ranked eighth with 105 times a year.

5. Protective drinks

Doctors in Minnesota, the United States found that washing the genitals with cola after sex can kill about 100% of sperm.

6. Sex efficiency

American sex researchers believe that it is more efficient to have sex in the office. About 8% of men and 7% of women have tried sex in public.

7. Treat migraines

British doctors found that sex can help treat migraines. Every excitement of the genitals blocks the pain. Orgasm can even increase women's pain tolerance by 70%.

8. Bad idea

The three things men don’t like to hear in bed are: "Enough now!" "My God, your baby is so small!" and "What? It's over?"

9. Favorite posture

Western Europeans still have traditional ideas about sex. Women like the way men dominate in sex, while men like the posture of women on top of men.

10. Self-help

Even with a regular sexual partner, 78% of men and 53% of women still satisfy their sexual needs through self-consolation. But not many people are willing to talk about this issue.

11. Sex practice

The following muscle exercises will help improve your response to orgasm: tighten your lower abdomen and take 5 deep breaths. Review more every day, and there will be significant results soon!

12. Juice cocktail

This product from the United States can help sperm to be discharged more smoothly. The two most popular flavors are pineapple and strawberry.

13, love words

The three most popular words that men hear in bed are: "You are great, my baby!" "No one is better than you!" and "I love you!"


The risk of contracting AIDS and other diseases through anal sex is twice that of normal vaginal sex. Despite this, in some western countries, 2% of women have regular anal sex.

How long will a woman's orgasm last?

In sex life, many people are curious about a woman's orgasm time. We all know that the orgasm time of men and women is very short, but how short is it? In fact, the female orgasm does not come just as it says, but it also needs to go through four stages. Which are the four stages?

How long will a woman's orgasm last?

1. The first stage

First, the muscles gradually tighten. About 10 to 30 seconds after sexual stimulation, the vagina begins to secrete lubricating fluid, and then the inside of the vagina begins to swell and enlarge, and the clitoris and nipples are in a state of congestion.

Second, the second stage

This stage is the so-called plateau period. In this stage, in addition to continuing the tremor and tightness of the previous stage, the heartbeat and breathing rate gradually increase, and the skin begins to turn red.

3. The third stage

Before the orgasm comes, the vagina will be congested a lot. The final result of each of the above phenomena is an orgasm that arouses infinite pleasure. Women's orgasm needs to rely on the muscle contractions of the uterus and vagina to achieve. The interval between each contraction is about 0.8 seconds. This 0.8 seconds is called the orgasm phase.

Fourth, the fourth stage

After reaching the apex, the muscle tension and congestion gradually eased back. It can be seen that the female orgasm period only lasts for 0.8 seconds, this short time is when women enjoy orgasm.

What to do if the husband needs physiological needs during menstruation

For women, it’s best not to have sex during menstruation. In fact, many people should know this. However, some men often can’t control their sexual desires, and they also bring harm to women during menstruation. She said that she should respond to her husband’s pain in time and comfort her husband through oral sex.

1. Pay attention to your teeth, it will affect the progress of oral sex.

Open your mouth as wide as possible during oral sex, or cover your teeth with your lips. But what if the man’s penis is too thick and the woman’s mouth is too small? At this time, the woman’s best to reduce the scope, make a breakthrough, and suck his glans with her mouth.

2. Pay attention to whether the penis is clean. Do not perform oral sex if the other party has STDs or you have aphthous sores.

If you don’t have these very special circumstances, you should also wash it first. At this time, you might as well take a bath together, which not only solves the hygiene problem, but also completes the foreplay of sexual intercourse.

3. Pay attention to the man's penis

A man’s penis faces upwards after erection, so when sucking the penis, try to keep the direction of the penis as consistent as possible, and don't let the penis bend excessively to avoid pain.

Why do women tremble after orgasm

There are many female friends who have performed well in their male sex life, and the phenomenon of orgasm is often very common, but most women will experience tremors when they do not have an orgasm. Why do women have an orgasm? When the tremor appears unstoppable, we must pay attention to it!

Why do women tremble more than their orgasm

What is orgasm

Orgasm is the most common sexual reaction in sex. In this reaction, women will have many physiological reactions, such as nipple erection, yin pedicle erection, and body trembling. Such sexual reactions make women enjoy the sexual pleasure zone. Give them a pleasant feeling, then, why are there so many sensitive collateral effects after orgasm, and why are they so sensitive? Today, the editor will take you to answer your questions.

After the climax, the sensitivity of yin pedicles is very common. The same is true of men’s glans. They are in a highly sensitive state after ejaculation and dare not touch them at all. , The man had to hug the woman tightly, so that the other party had no room for activity. So we do know the sensitivity of male and female genital heads during intercourse, so we give a plausible explanation from the perspective of answering doubts and training.

One of the physiological responses of the body of both sexes in the process of arousal is blood vessel dilation, especially the increase in blood flow to the genitals leads to hyperemia and swelling of the penis and yin pedicle. The swelling itself can make the penis and yin pedicle become stimulated. sensitive. In addition to the physiological changes in the genitals, the mental and emotional changes that occur in the brain (extraordinary excitement) will in turn increase the attention of both men and women to the penis and yin pedicle. After orgasm, if you stimulate the glans or yin pedicle again, it will bring discomfort, even pain and numbness, so it is understandable to avoid or avoid further stimulation consciously. The hypersensitivity of the yin pedicle will be maintained for a period of time after the orgasm, and then slowly relieved as the swelling gradually subsides. Generally, it will take a few minutes or longer. The moment when a woman's orgasm has just passed can be a little trance. Although the sexiness has spread out, but the body feels that the consciousness is still in high spirits, it will pay great attention to its own feelings.

Some women say that their breasts also become very sensitive to touch after orgasm. Some women don't mind giving further stimulation to the super sensitive yin pedicles and nipples after the first orgasm in order to experience multiple orgasms. It seems that the difference between women's sensitivity and preference is really big. Very few women's yin pedicles are too sensitive. Even the slightest friction in the clothes makes them sorrowful. I am afraid they need the help of a doctor.

There are three types of vaginal cramps in the private parts:

(1) Those who have had successful coitus and have spasms later are called secondary vaginismus;

(2) Spasms due to changes in the copulation environment are called situational vaginal spasms, which is relatively rare.

(3) If cramps occur after the first intercourse, it is called primary vaginismus;

Analyzing the causes of vaginismus, most of them are the following aspects:

a. Family education is too strict and negative on sexual aspects;

b. Suggestive inferiority and self-guilt;

c. emotional anxiety, boredom, depression, fear;

d. The trauma of the young mind;

e. Pain during the first intercourse, induce and form conditioned reflex;

f. Improper friendship operation techniques, etc.

In fact, when female friends reach orgasm, their bodies are relatively sensitive. At this time, the stimulation often leads to constant tremors in the bodies of female friends. In fact, at this time, there is also a feeling of conquering for men. In the process of sex, we must avoid the misunderstanding of going to sex!

What poses can men go deeper

In male sex, men like to go deeper and enjoy the pleasure of coming. If the sex skills are used properly, women will feel the feeling of a male sprint, which can be said to be particularly wonderful. So how can a partner who wants to feel this way go deeper?

What posture can a man go deeper

1. The male lies on his back and the female sits on it.

A woman’s upper body is upright, which can lower the uterus. As she sits straddling with her legs spread out, her mouth is greatly opened and her neck is easy to insert. Moreover, after insertion, the front end of the yin neck can touch the uterine neck, so it can promote female pleasure. However, when approaching orgasm, the muscles of the female body will contract, and the whole body will be nervous and the body will move backward. Therefore, the shortcoming of easy withdrawal of the penis will occur when the orgasm is reached. This should be paid attention to.

2. Perform the squatting position with female buttocks.

If you still cannot fit men with short sexual organs, you must move forward a little, and then bend down again, so that sexual intercourse can be more comfortable and the degree of integration is deeper.

3. Women lie face down, buttocks slightly puckered.

This posture can touch the deepest private parts of women, and it can also make people mistakenly think that the male genitals are enlarged. Men can take the darker and shallower methods, and it is best to use the left and right.

4. Women lie flat on the bed and put their legs on the shoulders of their partners.

Improving the position of the legs means improving the position of the vagina and effectively tightening it. This posture helps stimulate the female G-spot. However, if you find that the female body is moving backwards, it means that she is very uncomfortable, so don't continue this action.

5. The male sits on the edge of the bed or chair, and the female faces his partner and sits on his lap.

In this position, women can easily control the angle and depth. This is especially suitable for men to understand what is the gentle, slow and sufficient stimulation of female obsession. This position is very suitable for those who like to work slowly and carefully, because the body is very relaxed at this time.

I hope that what I have introduced to you above will allow men to enter a deeper posture and provide some reference for partners, so that they can quickly achieve their wishes. As long as the postures are applied properly and the partners cooperate with each other, together they can have a passionate sex.

Women's long-term use of vibrator injuries

What is a vibrator? The vibrator is a special erotic tool for women. In addition to masturbation, it can also be used in the sex between two people. The vibrator also plays a supporting role. But is there any harm in women and their partners' long-term use of vibrators for fun and the passion of supporting sex?

Women's long-term use of vibrator injuries

1. Affect the quality of life

Using the vibrator for a long time will expand the vaginal opening and may not feel tight during intercourse, affecting the quality of sexual life.

2. Don't overuse

Excessive use of vibrating stick stimulation can easily lead to a decrease in organ sensitivity, so for a long period of time, there is no stimulation and pleasure in ordinary sex, and you can only rely on the vibrating stick to stimulate.

3. Pay attention to the intensity and frequency of use

Masturbation vibrators are more stimulating than normal sexual behavior. Long-term use will easily cause irritation to the uterus, which may lead to aggravation of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, pay attention to the frequency and intensity of use.

4. Pay attention to hygiene to avoid infection

Be careful not to share with multiple people. It was said that sharing with multiple people is easy to be infected with bacteria; pay attention to use hygiene and do a good job of cleaning.

5. Pay attention to the use of batteries

After use, you should remove the power supply or battery in time, especially the dry battery can not be in the massage stick for a long time. If a battery leaks, it is easy to damage the massage stick. The battery fluid is also corrosive, and the skin that runs on the skin will corrode, especially It is the location of the vagina or anal mucosa. Do you know some of the safety hazards caused by long-term use of vibrators? I hope that partners will not rely too much on vibrators. After all, using these external devices for too long will cause wear and tear on the genitals of both men and women. Everyone should reduce the use of vibrators.

The birth of sex masochism, the psychology of sex masochism

In sex life, many people will have some undesirable situations during sex. Some people have many hobbies that are very difficult to understand. For example, they like to abuse their sexual partners, and many people like to be abused. SM. Everyone does not understand such a situation, so it is necessary to explain to you the psychology of sexual masochism and the reasons why a few sexual masochism occur.

The psychology of sexual masochism

What is masochism?

Sexual masochism is to feel happy through pain, which is a kind of SM, namely Sadism (sexual abuse) and Masochism (being abused).

So far, the reasons for the formation of sexual abuse are not very clear. The sexologist Ellis pointed out that there may be two explanations for a person’s sexual drive to abuse:

First, whether you add pain to others or yourself, this kind of abuse tendency is part of the original courtship process, because some low-level animals often exhibit various sadistic and masochistic behaviors. The most common is that the rooster bites the feathers on top of the hen's head during mating.

Second, some men with sexual dysfunction want to use it to achieve some aphrodisiac and entertainment effects in order to achieve the purpose of satisfying sexual desire. In previous years, newspapers and other news media reported that many criminals injuring female buttocks with awl, fruit knives, and sulfuric acid had sexual problems.

Of course, regarding sexual masochism, there are still many issues to be further explored and resolved. The real cause of this strange sexual perversion is not clear. Although there are many theories to explain, none of them touches on the nature of abuse. Sexual abuse is pathological. In fact, in the sex life of normal adults, sometimes mild beating, scolding, biting, pinching and other behaviors occur during sex. If there is no excessive harm and not relying on these behaviors to arouse sexual excitement, it is not a torture disorder. A normal physiological phenomenon. This is a kind of abnormal behavior and a kind of abnormal thinking. Many people encounter some problems in life, so during sex, they feel that they have found themselves. They think this situation is easy to enjoy. This It is a perverted thought, so everyone needs to pay attention to understanding, and pay attention to behavioral therapy in daily life to correct it in time.

What is the psychology of sexual abuse

It is said that "fighting is love and cursing is love", then in real life, what level of fighting is love? What level of cursing is love? This also requires everyone to master a certain measure and scale. If you do too much, then no matter how hard you try afterwards, it will be too late to remedy, such as sexual abuse.

What is the psychology of sexual abuse

Scholars believe that female patients with sexual masochism are trying to overcome or offset their sexual sinful feelings through this symbolic punishment.

Some experts believe that: “Typical sadomasists are often shy and passive. They are those who have extreme prejudice against women and those who hate women.” Related research also shows that the longer the use of obscene materials, the longer the duration of sexual perversion. The longer, the application of obscene materials also promotes repeated crimes. It can be seen that correcting bad personality in a timely manner and consciously resisting the bad influence of pornographic media are of far-reaching significance for promoting the development of mental health.

The motives of real sexual abuse patients are not to intentionally cause others or themselves to suffer, but that these abuses can arouse sexual excitement.

We can sometimes see some dramatic scenes like this: the sadomasochist is so busy apologizing and caring for the sexual object after some "abuse", so that the other party is ridiculed. Those who use blades, sharp needles, or corrosive potions to destroy their clothes or bodies on the strangers of the stranger, and who quickly escape the scene after committing the crime are usually classified as sexual sadism.

In the sex life of a normal adult, sometimes when the orgasm is reached, both sides may have mild beating, scolding, pinching, biting and other behaviors. If there is no excessive harm and these behaviors are not used to arouse sexual excitement, it is not For those who belong to sexual abuse, we must not stand alone, because this is the real "beater, love."

So now everyone knows how the psychology of sexual abuse manifests?

I hope everyone can see this clearly. In the world of both sexes, each other should be treated fairly. As the saying goes, husbands and wives also need to respect each other as guests. If they always hurt each other, it is bound to cause both losses!

What are the harms and disadvantages of masturbation

As we all know, excessive masturbation is harmful to the body, but many people do not realize the seriousness of its harm. Today we will talk about the harms and disadvantages of masturbation and tell everyone what harm masturbation has.

1. The harm of men's frequent masturbation

Occasionally masturbation has no effect or harm on the body, nor is it morally corrupt. Teenagers do not need to be troubled by this, it becomes a kind of mental trauma, and parents do not need to worry about it. However, if masturbation becomes a habit, it can undoubtedly cause adverse effects and consequences both physically and psychologically.

Frequent masturbation may indeed bring some effects on sexual function in the future. So what are the disadvantages of masturbation? In clinical work, it has been found that repeated masturbation, once aroused, sexual impulse and excessive sex life after marriage, will make the body weak, and have tinnitus, palpitation, backache, weak legs, dizziness Dizziness, memory loss, mental decline and other manifestations, severe cases of frequent dream ejaculation.

People who repeatedly masturbate have abnormal sexual excitement and are very prone to sexual impulse. Frequent sexual impulses and frequent ejaculation will inevitably lead to nocturnal emission, semen, and premature ejaculation; if the excitement turns to inhibition, it will cause impotence or weak erection.

People who repeatedly masturbate sexually stimulate, especially the stimulation of ejaculation, which makes it easy for men to not ejaculate after marriage, and for women to have intercourse without orgasm, so they cannot get sexual satisfaction.

People who repeatedly masturbate have a morbid psychology. They can't help but masturbate when they encounter more sexy stimulation. Strong masturbation stimulation shortens the ejaculation process significantly, and even the disease develops to the point where they can't help but ejaculate without masturbation. Such people ejaculate as soon as they come into contact with each other after marriage, and thus cannot have sex.

Since masturbation is harmful to sexual function, people who have the habit of masturbation should give up as soon as possible.

2. What are the harms of female masturbation?

For women, what harm does masturbation have? The main disadvantages of masturbation are as follows:

1. Pain in the lower abdomen.

Once masturbation triggers sexual excitement and reaches orgasm, it will cause a certain degree of contraction of the uterus. Therefore, masturbation during menstruation may aggravate the degree of dysmenorrhea.

2. Pelvic stasis and dysmenorrhea.

Unmarried women who often masturbate have a high incidence of pelvic congestion syndrome and dysmenorrhea. Psychological obstacles caused by masturbation can also cause infertility.

3. Sexual life will be cold.

Due to frequent masturbation, some women suffer from physical diseases, and the sex life after marriage is difficult to obtain the desired results. As a result, the mental burden is heavy, and some people may also have sexual frigidity, which adds many difficulties to childbirth.

4. Neurasthenia.

Because of the stimulation of masturbation and long-term excitement, fear and tension, nerve damage can easily cause neurasthenia, which is not alarmist. Masturbation itself does not cause neurasthenia, but because these people have an incorrect understanding of masturbation, believing that masturbation is an immoral, indecent and indecent act, and masturbation is harmful to the body and carries a heavy burden. Long-term mental stress will keep the cerebral cortex in a state of continuous excitement, prone to fatigue, manifested as inattention, slow thinking, and unresponsiveness. If it cannot be adjusted in time, neurasthenia and endocrine disorders will eventually appear.

5. Leucorrhea increased.

It stands to reason that the increase in leucorrhea and masturbation should have no inevitable connection, indeed it is. However, long-term masturbation may bring about the problem of increased vaginal discharge. Because the vaginal discharge of masturbating women is composed of vaginal mucosa and secretions from the endocervical tube, a small amount of secretions from the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Masturbation does increase the number of leucorrhea. One is that masturbation causes strong sexual stimulation, which will suddenly increase the secretion of the above-mentioned liquids. The second is that under the stimulation of masturbation, the blood circulation in the sex organs and pelvis suddenly accelerates, and the blood supply increases significantly. In the condition of abundant blood circulation, the production of leucorrhea will also increase.

6. Inflammation of the urethra.

Women masturbating easily cause inflammation of the urethra. The mechanical stimulation of masturbation to rub the vulva will not only directly stimulate the urethral opening, causing congestion and edema of the urethral opening, but also unclean masturbation, it is easy to cause bacteria and other pathogens to invade the urethra, causing inflammation, and should be treated in a timely manner.

7. Infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Frequent and intense masturbation can cause a variety of undesirable consequences, the most prominent being infertility. Because masturbation will inevitably lead to vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis and salpingitis, severe cases can also lead to peritonitis, sepsis, which is a major disadvantage of masturbation.

Repeated inflammatory destruction, tubal endometrium and muscular layer can cause trauma, such as scar formation, mucosal cilia necrosis, and eventually will cause tubal obstruction and peristalsis dysfunction, after marriage can seriously affect the operation of eggs, sperm and fertilized eggs Bed, leading to infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Adult sex education common sense that women must know

There are some people who love the human body to see the human body, and they love to watch pornographic movies. Is this normal? Is this considered adult sex education? Can I learn about sex by watching adult films? You should know common sense about adult sex education.

1. Can I learn sex knowledge by watching adult movies?

Some people like to watch erotic films, like adult films. But adult films are not a good teacher of sex. Although they can open the door to sex, adult films over-exaggerate the proportion of sex in normal life and distort the relationship between men and women. It seems that the essence of life lies in climax.

2. Adult sex education common sense that women must know

1. Pleasing yourself is as important as pleasing the other person

Sometimes women try their best to meet the needs of the other party because they are afraid that the other party will not be satisfied. But sex is actually the giving and receiving of both parties. If you blindly satisfy each other, women will eventually hate "that stuff."

Women should explain their needs straightforwardly to each other, without feeling guilty or embarrassed, because in fact, men like women who can enjoy sex. When a man finds that his actions can bring happiness to women, it excites him more than any aphrodisiac.

2. Don't pretend sex

In order to please men, some women can pretend to have an orgasm very realistically, making it impossible for men to distinguish. But when they did this, they didn't think of the long-term consequences: if they didn't feel happy but pretended to orgasm, it would undoubtedly make the man repeat his wrong actions next time, because he mistakenly thought that way would make women happy.

A woman once had this experience: her partner rubbed her pussy vigorously, trying to get her to orgasm, but it made her very painful. She was embarrassed to tell him that his way was too rude, so she pretended to reach an orgasm to stop him. Unexpectedly, he would rub her in this rude way every time, making her more and more painful, and finally she couldn't bear it, so she had to tell him the truth. This shocked the man, and the woman was very remorseful. It would be nice if she explained it at first.

3. Don't ignore other parts of the man's body

Usually, men seem to be able to enter directly without any foreplay and enjoy it. In fact, this is their own misunderstanding. Touching and teasing can make men excited, because when women do, they are saying how much they like his body.

Some women are shy and dare not act, but there is absolutely no man who dislikes women doing this, so just do it boldly, and you will get visible results immediately. Stroking and teasing are very simple, as long as you keep sliding your fingers across his body, especially the inner thighs and nipples; sometimes touching his lower part as teasing. In addition, women can also use hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the provocative effect.

4. Don't be afraid of sexual fantasies

A woman admitted: Every time she had sex with her husband, she imagined making love to Leonardo. This kind of imagination made her extremely excited, and her husband was also happy because of her wild actions. She thought it didn't matter, she couldn't really have an affair with Matt Damon anyway.

Sexual fantasies are healthy because not only is it a great motivation, but what happens in the fantasies does not have to be true at all. For example, if a heterosexual man fantasizes about a lesbian scene, it does not mean that he is a gay man; if a woman imagines having sex with a man other than her husband, it does not mean that she wants to have an affair. Sexual fantasies just show that this person has a rich imagination, and it can indeed stimulate intercourse.

5. Learn to masturbate

Since the first S semen of men usually comes from masturbation, the proportion of women doing this is definitely not low.

In fact, masturbation is a very effective way of learning, because after you understand your body, you can guide the other party to use the most appropriate way when you have sex with your partner. There is another benefit of masturbation: it will definitely reach orgasm.

6. Don't stay the same

If you have sex in exactly the same way every night, even if you reach climax every time, you will still become dull in the end. This is because there is no expectation.

Take a woman's personal experience: as long as she is on top, rubbing the male genitals with her hips in circles, she can reach orgasm. Therefore, they adopt this position every time they have sex, reach a climax and end in a hurry, and they are not satisfied at all. In fact, it's the old saying: The slower you get to the mouth, the more delicious it is. In other words, the slower you reach the climax, the stronger the pleasure.

When taking the most stimulating posture, once you reach the level enough to bring about the excitement, don't wait until the orgasm comes, you should change to another posture. This is not only used to delay the arrival of the orgasm, but also to take the opportunity to discover the fun of other postures.

7. Understand each other's body

We know that everyone is different, and loving the human body and seeing the human body is also reflected in the skills of both sexes. If women have had sex with other men before, they sometimes apply the previous methods to their current partners, which is inappropriate. So, how do you know what the other person likes? This depends on careful observation.

Of course, some people will automatically groan or yell to express their preferences, but many people may belong to the type of silence. At this time, you can listen to whether his breathing accelerates or takes a breath; whether his pupils suddenly dilate; his jaw is loose Collapse; the most obvious is the hardening of the penis. It doesn't take long to observe in this way, and he can match his preferences seamlessly.

8. Love your body

Nine out of ten modern women think they are overweight. When meeting naked, this type of self-deprecating view sometimes prevents the two from enjoying their due pleasure.

For example, a person who thinks that his chest is too small may feel inferior when his partner touches his chest, and will subconsciously avoid his hand or guide him to pay attention to other places. Over time, such signals can disturb the partner and affect the sexual relationship. A woman trained herself to think this way: Although her breasts are small, men are happy to sleep with her, which proves that they don't think there is any problem with her breasts. In this way, she no longer resisted her male partner touching her breasts.

9. Make good use of auxiliary equipment

Either sex products or S sex videos are good tools to increase the fun of intercourse, because they can provide many new ideas and increase excitement. For some people, sex products can even solve the problem of incoordination.

There was a woman who had difficulty in achieving orgasm. After her partner withdrew, she had to achieve orgasm by herself with her hands, which embarrassed her partner. Later, she bought a cushion that was covered with particles on the surface and had a hole in the middle for the yin J to penetrate, and placed it in the pubic area. In this way, every time the partner inserts, the cushion will rub against her genitals, bringing her Fun that has never been tasted. You can buy such things by mail order on TV or on the Internet to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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Female masturbation masturbation is not shameful, but pay attention to the method!

Many people think that it is shameful for girls to masturbate, so many women masturbate will not tell others these things. In fact, the phenomenon of girl masturbation is very common, even if married, there will be masturbation. So, how should we properly treat the phenomenon of girl masturbation?

1. Girls masturbating are very common

As early as the 1960s, anthropologists and archaeologists in the West discovered murals painted with pictures of masturbation from the upper classes of Rome.

In addition, masturbation is also found in many ancient cultural classics. The Romans and Greeks believed that after Pan lost his maid Eckel, God invented this method to comfort Pan. Biologists have also discovered that they have masturbated behavior in the study of primates.

According to statistics, the age at which Chinese teenagers start masturbating is 12-16 years old, which is consistent with the age at which men will have dreams and girls will have menarche. Therefore, in my country, masturbation and masturbation of adolescent girls are often normal sexual activities accompanied by normal sexual development.

Second, the harm of girls masturbating

After masturbating and masturbating, many women will go online to read various articles about the harm of girls masturbation, such as eyeball depression, dark circles in the eyes, weakness of limbs, physical weakness, paleness, memory loss, diseases, sexual function and so on. In fact, the biggest harm of girls masturbating is to read the above content, and it really takes it.

In fact, masturbation is one of the standard sexual activities. The reason why it becomes a problem is that when masturbating is accompanied by a feeling of guilt and inner worries. This psychological burden is the biggest hazard of masturbation. It is important to know that masturbation is not a sinful act. Moderate masturbation will not cause any negative effects on the body.

3. How often is masturbation called moderate

Anything excessive is harmful, as is female masturbation and masturbation. The frequency of masturbation and masturbation of girls does not have a very strict standard, because it is the same as the frequency of sex life, and there is no one degree suitable for everyone.

Some people have strong human needs, others are not so strong, and some people have almost no sexual needs, as is masturbation. No matter whether it is three times a day or once every three days, as long as you feel that your body and mind are happy after the event, it can be considered to be moderate.

In addition, girls masturbation should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, and must stop using foreign objects! If there is a problem, you must go to the hospital for examination, do not be shy, and believe that the doctor has seen more, and solving the problem is the key.

How much do you know about the body secrets of women

There are many secrets for girls, including psychological, physical, and others. How much do you know about the secrets of women's bodies? Women's bodies always make men think, and women's body secrets are like treasures, waiting for men to explore in depth. Today we will explore the secrets of women's bodies together.

1. How much do you know about women's body secrets?

Speaking of women, you can't help but talk about the proud twin peaks. The tall breasts attracted men like magic. The more scary the bust number, the higher the probability of men being attracted. Therefore, many women love to wear tights and low-cut dresses, it is nothing more than to give men the idea of ​​finding out, men's obsession with breasts will surprise people.

When a man has a good impression on a woman, he always takes pains to take the woman's hand. The hand is also a woman's body secret. As long as the hand is held, it means that the woman has accepted him, and he has conquered the woman. The hands are so soft and warm, and holding hands makes people feel happy.

The private parts are also one of the secrets of a woman's body. Usually, women always carefully protect this forbidden place from outsiders. When a woman has a beloved man, how can't wait to let the man drive in. The private parts are mysterious and desirable. Many men have a virgin complex, which also reflects the importance of private parts. Women can keep this secret garden of the body.

The semi-circular buttocks give men a visual impact. The S-shaped curve fully shows the good figure of women, and at the same time plays a suggestive role in sex, so that men can’t wait to get into the wrong, and even have the desire to enter the hips or adjacent parts. Unconventional sex.

Finally, let's talk about hair. The long black hair and slim back always make men miss. Hair is a girl's secret. The appearance, texture, and length of hair can make an impression on men. The fluttering long hair is a symbol of femininity, which makes men keep looking back.

There are still many women’s body secrets. In general, the tighter the cover, the closer to the private part, the more the desire to explore. These parts are precisely the places where women should be carefully protected.

Second, the girl's secret

1. Girls are emotional animals, so never try to clarify the truth to them, they are not reasonable animals themselves.

2. Bras will always be a stuff that occupies a considerable portion of girls' expenditures without having to spend.

3. Most girls have imagined that their boyfriends pressed on the wall or pressed against the bed and tried to resist the situation where they finally resisted being rejected by their boyfriends.

4. Girls are more tortured by hot weather than boys in summer. At 37 and 8 degrees in summer, they put their hair around their necks, they wear thick bras, and they wear sanitary napkins... so boys, please take care Your girlfriend.

5. Most girls like to have something in their hands that they can spend time with when they are older. Generally, they are mobile phones. Look at mobile newspapers, browse the web, etc. In short, they will not just concentrate on shit...

6. Boys will never give girls the thrill of shopping, and they will never experience it.

7. It is difficult for girls to go to bed for the first time, and it will become easier and more eager in the future, and boys will do the opposite.

8. No matter how much attention is paid to the hygiene of private parts, girls will also be infected. Because of the particularity of the anatomical position, this part is destined to be easily attacked by the outside world. Therefore, there will always be a bottle of women's cleansing and clean yin in the girls' toiletries. God's horse.

9. When girls arrive at university, they basically don't use their minds to study, but fashion. Boyfriends, shopping, spending... In short, when going to college for a lap, most men will always feel how the college girls are more and more like ladies...

10. Girls spend a lot of money on their aunts every month, from day-to-night use of extra-long without side leakage to accidental soiling of the inside, pants or bed linens, so girls really Is not easy.

11. Some girls are very sexual, and there are potentially violent and perverted thoughts. Many girls have fantasies about tying a man in a dizziness, tying it up, closing his mouth and doing whatever he wants.

12. Girls always have an endless yearning for snacks, which is something that boys can't experience.

13. Girls are always immune to romance and surprises.

14. The sixth sense of girls is sometimes very strong, so if you are not good at lying, it is best to tell the truth, not to deceive your girlfriend.

15. Some girls' gynecological diseases come from incorrect methods of wiping their ass.

16. Girls' feet are not inferior to boys.

17. After the conflict between the girls, the old mortal did not interact. Instead of being like boys, many would become good friends and brothers.

18. Girls do not use sanitary napkins to pad under the menstrual period only. Ten days after the initial menstruation is clean, they use a stuff called a pad.

19. Girls ask you, am I fat? You must say, no, I don't think you are fat at all. Otherwise, you will be miserable. The subtext of the girl when asking this sentence is that I am not fat at all.

20. The topics between girls will never be separated from the aspects of gossip, food, clothing, and men.

Men and women love: signs of a decline in male sexual function

The length of men’s sex life and erection hardness are often considered as a measure of sexual performance. However, when they grow older or are affected by other factors, their sexual performance tends to gradually decline. Therefore, male sexual function is discovered in time The signs of decline will help promote gender relations and make men’s and women’s sex lives more harmonious.

1. Signs of male sexual decline

1. Breathless

After running, going up the stairs and breathless, indicating that lung function has begun to decline. Studies have shown that without scientific exercise, people's lung function begins to weaken after 20 years of age, and their sexual performance also declines.

2. Frequent urination and oliguria

Go to the toilet often and cannot stop, or instead urinate once a day. Healthy people urinate about 4-6 times a day, and the urine volume is about 800-2000 ml. If the number of urination and the amount of urine are too much or too little, special attention should be paid.

3. Loss of appetite

Some patients always go to the Department of Gastroenterology or Liver Diseases to see if they have stomach or liver disease. Once they have no stomach or liver disease, they don’t care. Forgetting to see a nephrologist, the result is delayed.

4. Puffiness

There are many reasons for people to have puffiness. For example, drinking too much water, or sleeping too long, obesity, etc., slight edema, or transient edema may appear on the face, eyelids, calves, etc. If it is not the case, it is necessary to suspect whether there is a kidney problem.

5. Tired

Men always feel listless in work or life, which may be caused by high psychological pressure or changes in endocrine, which may indicate a decrease in androgen levels.

Second, the sex skills of men and women

1. Give priority to sex life

Happy and happy couples will regard the sex of men and women as the most important part of life. If the husband and wife are to be harmonious, then sex life should be put first, and whenever possible, every effort should be made to protect sex and meet All the needs of sex life.

2. Diversity of sex

The most important factor to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife is to love each other and be considerate to each other. No matter the language or manners, even the harmonious and happy couple can see the tenderness and love between them. Such a couple can be called a real one. happy. Then it is self-evident that their sex life should be harmonious and happy.

3. The magic of conversation

For some women, conversation and being loved are often more important than sex life. A pleasant conversation can stimulate sexual desire, and gentle sweet words can also enhance the enjoyment of sexual desire. In the course of sexual life, if you say that you are very comfortable with me, then the other party will immediately have the illusion of sexual desire and sexual pleasure.

Gender skills to improve the quality of sex life

Healthy living is now the goal that everyone aspires to, and the healthy sex life of couples is also very important. It is related to eugenics and eugenics, as well as the harmony of the couple's feelings and life. How can we achieve gender-healthy sex? The editor shares a few principles for everyone.

1. Principles of Gender Health

1. Sex life must be absolutely safe

Both men and women should pay attention to the cleanliness of the external genitalia. Every night, both sides should wash the vulva with warm water.

Men should turn up the foreskin to wash away the dirt on the inside of the foreskin and the coronary sulcus; women should wash the secretions from the private parts, so that they can avoid bringing bacteria into the vagina during sexual intercourse and cause infection.

2. Do not have sex life when the state is unstable

After drinking alcohol, physical discomfort, emotional anxiety, excessive mental excitement, and excessive fatigue, it is not appropriate to live sexually. The other party should give care and understanding, and do not force or force it.

The most suitable time for sex life is before going to bed at night. After feeling tired after sex, you can go to sleep and it is easy to restore physical strength; the elderly can also sleep first and wake up before sex.

The wife should not have sex during the menstrual period. The entire pelvic cavity was congested during the menstrual period, and the endometrium fell off.

The inner surface of the uterine cavity is a wound. If you have sex at this time, it is easy to cause pelvic infections, such as endometritis, salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, etc., causing pain and infertility.

3. Sexual life after menopause

After menopause, women's ovarian function is reduced, and the level of estrogen in the body is reduced, which makes the vaginal mucosa atrophy, and the vagina is wet and dry, which can cause pain and even difficulty in sexual intercourse. For post-menopausal women, sex life should be appropriately reduced, preferably 1 to 2 times per month.

2. Gender skills to improve the quality of sexual life

1. Food temptation

Scientists have scanned women's brains and found that when they drink a 500-calorie milkshake when they are hungry, the areas in the brain that control incentives, rewards, and romance become active. But it must be noted that eating is full but not supportive, and eating too much will reduce sexual interest. So, first lure with food, then take it home and feed her with your enthusiasm.

2. Pay attention to the frequency

A study pointed out that for 84% of men, the sex life on the bed can clear the stones in the urethra. This is because performance stimulates nerve endings to relax the ureter, allowing stones to enter the bladder. Therefore, rolling sheets 3 to 4 times a week can help many men resolve stones in 2 weeks. But if you can't bear the pain anymore, you have to go to the hospital.

3. Relieve emotions

Many men will be troubled by premature ejaculation? According to research, the more premature ejaculation men are concerned, the worse it will be. In other words, many of the symptoms of premature ejaculation are psychological to some extent. Therefore, experts suggest that you might as well say this anxiety to her instead It will help, because it will at least help you win courage in her eyes.

Female sex skills to help women achieve orgasm

The development of men and women to a certain stage is inseparable from the topic of "sex". If the sex life is not harmonious, it may affect feelings. In a relationship, women are often in a passive position. To improve the quality of "sexual blessing", men will arouse women's emotions and reach a woman's orgasm.

If you want to increase the chance of getting a female orgasm, you can actually exercise. Experts believe that shyness or restraint is the main reason hindering the achievement of a woman's orgasm. Women must open themselves up and put aside the old ideas of the past in order to have the pleasure of enjoying orgasm. The following editors share the female sex skills for you to help you improve the quality of "sexual happiness".

1. Female sex skills

1. Relax yourself

First of all, you must understand your body, calm yourself first, and don’t make up your mind to achieve female orgasm. Just relax and spend some time observing your body carefully.

2. Strengthen the communication of mutual sexual feelings

In order to enhance sexual feelings, sufficient stimulation must be given in the sexually sensitive area to be effective. Every man and woman has different sexually sensitive areas. Don't stop expressing your own sexual feelings because of shyness and other factors. You can tell your partner through words or gestures to let the partner know where you like or touch the sensitive parts.

3. Tenderness touch

Slowly start touching the inside of the thigh and gently finger your private parts. You can apply saliva or lubricant on your fingers and gently slide between the two yc. Find the location of yd, and then slowly rub around yd.

4. Explore the body

Start to explore your body slowly, don't put your hands directly between your legs, but touch your arms, shoulders and chest. Attention is focused on the different feelings when you touch every inch of the body, so that your thoughts follow your fingers and slide up and down the undulating curve.

5. Passionate kiss

What is the best way to promote lust in sex? kiss. Nowadays, people are chasing high-quality sex, and kissing can make her desperate. It is a foreplay. It is conveyed through kisses and makes women feel the passion of men. Even if there is no intercourse, you can live and body from each other's kisses. The lips and breasts of women are the strongholds of men's siege of the city. The men are quick and accurate and will make women happy.

How to kiss the first kiss in order to narrow the distance between each other

Love is beautiful. Two people come together because they love each other. After they are together, holding hands, hugging, and kissing are all gradual processes. The first kiss, the first kiss, is the most memorable. Are you Remember how it felt when you first kissed? Today, I will talk to you about the definition of the first kiss and related knowledge.

1. Definition of first kiss

The first kiss is literally, broadly understood as the first time someone kisses someone else's mouth. First kiss does not refer to the first kiss with the opposite sex (mouth-to-mouth), but refers to the first kiss with the opposite sex during human development or puberty, and later. The first kiss is human's subjective judgment, and gradually mature behavior, refers to the first kiss with the admirer. The first kiss in early society refers to kissing with the opposite sex without blood relationship. If you don't like or love each other, and you get kissed by carelessness, this is not a first kiss.

Second, what is the feeling of the first kiss

1. Just like a child playing firecrackers, he is full of joy and afraid of approaching.

2. The surroundings are very quiet, standing there stunned, the streetlights are dim, and with his eyes open, he can still see his eyes closed and conscientious. Although it is like a lip kiss for more than ten seconds, it is still dizzy. day.

3. When you kiss, there is a general feeling of electric shock, a bit exaggerated and a bit sweet. Then my mind went blank, and finally flew to the clouds.

4. When I think about the first kiss, I feel very sweet. The first kiss makes the whole body soft, and the whole person is in a daze there. At a loss, I only feel the numbness of the whole body energized, and even the breathing becomes slow, as if the whole world is still. Too.

5. I thought that the first kiss was a simple touch, and I found that the fairy tales were deceptive, and the direct kiss came up.

6. The heart is about to explode, and there is one day left to relish.

7. The whole person was stunned, as if he was electrified. He was so cramped that he didn't dare to breathe and stayed there with his eyes open.

3. How to kiss the first kiss

1. Take your time.

2. Keep calm.

3. The fast pace doesn't necessarily make her sick.

4. Face yourself honestly, because the deep love behind the kiss is the key to creating beauty.

5. If your touch makes her feel comfortable, touch her gently and warmly. Don't talk, look into her eyes, if you think this is the right time, then kiss!

How to kiss: How do boys judge that they can kiss girls

Kissing is a way of expressing love between lovers. Many lovers start to love from kissing. There are many benefits of kissing, and of course there are many ways of kissing. Today, I edit the benefits of the straight men’s hair and share the kisses for everyone Way to bring everyone into an "old driver".

First, the kissing method: how do boys judge that they can kiss girls

1. Determine if you can kiss her

When the two are alone, they chat naturally. You can touch her hair while trying to chat. Don't be too anxious so as not to make the other person feel like you want to take advantage. Don’t feel too strong, it’s best to touch it. Then take your hand back.

Way of kissing

If you shrink your hands and come back because of nervousness or excitement, the girl will feel that you are unkind, or that you are playing with her, and you will be prepared for you next time. So slowly take your hands back. If the girl smiled at you when you clicked her hair, if you did not resist this behavior, congratulations, you can continue.

2. She noticed that you touched her hair

At this time, continue to chat, and then reach out and touch her hair, while stroking her eyes, cheeks and lips with gentle eyes, the rhythm should be slow, and slowly turn in these three places. This is to let her see that you are looking at her seriously, but if you look directly at you, it will cause pressure, and pressure is the biggest obstacle before kissing.

3. You can kiss her

If she starts to put your hand on her hair and feels comfortable until she chats and strokes, then you can kiss her next. Because when a woman agrees to touch her hair, she basically accepts your closeness to her.

Second, the kissing method: what should boys do when kissing

Speaking of the way of kissing, many people will ask, kissing still needs skills? Just kiss. In fact, there are many ways of kissing, and there are not many people who do not understand.

1. You can't open your eyes when kissing first, this is a taboo, because it will make the other party panic and embarrassing, he will think that you don't care about him.

2. Secondly, some girls will stand stunned when kissing, her hands stiff, her boyfriend is like a model in the skylight. Just imagine what it will be like in his heart? In this case, you should hold him. Most men are taller than women. If you wrap his hands around his neck, he will hold your waist with both hands.

3. Be gentle and focused when kissing, so that you can enjoy the happiness brought by kissing.

4. There is also a man who can’t wait to kiss you when he first knows you or when he’s in a relationship with you, and he is very overbearing and makes you helpless. At this time, you have to push him away, because this kind of man is very selfish, he only considers his own feelings, not whether love is gentle, a gradual process, and rude love is not worth our thoughts.

Teach you how to kiss a girl

Falling in love with each other is a beautiful thing. When the relationship between the two is deepening, from holding hands, shopping, and gradually heating up to kissing, kissing is also the best way to promote the relationship between couples. Today I will teach you how to kiss, let's take a look at it together.

Teach you to kiss girls

1. Teach you how to kiss

1. Don't open your mouth too much

When kissing, it is best to start with a simple touch of the lips. When you feel the time is right, you can gently kiss the other party’s lips by tilting her head (45 degree angle) and try not to touch the other party’s teeth. If you touch your teeth, it means that your kissing strength is too strong, and you must kiss gently and gently.

2. Don't push too hard when kissing

When kissing, don’t use too much force to avoid accidentally biting your girlfriend’s lips, so you can’t continue to kiss.

3. Shave the beard before kissing

Before kissing, shave the beard clean so as not to kiss. The beard around the mouth hurts the girl, which also affects the atmosphere.

4. Don't touch your hands

Maybe you think it is romantic to touch each other while kissing. But there is a premise that you feel right. When kissing, you should gently touch your lover's back, upper arms and neck, rather than rubbing her hair rudely.

Teach you kissing

Second, teach you the specific steps to kiss the girl

1. Kiss her for a while

Let her wonder why you don't kiss, then make eye contact, and start the first kiss, take your time. Let her finish kissing you in the last few centimeters and let her do some input.

2. Slowly kiss her lips

Then take a few minutes to kiss her lips with a slow kiss. Never be as anxious as a rabbit race, not romantic at all. I know every man and woman has made such mistakes. After kissing your lips for a while, stop for a while, come back and hug her, or continue other physical contact you are doing.

3. Affectionate Kiss

After a minute, give him another kiss. At this time, slip into a small part of the tongue, just a small part, and see what happened.

Too many men are bad at kissing. This is a really shameful thing. When a girl is kissed in a bad way, her reaction afterwards can be imagined, she will not go deeper with you, master some kissing skills, will make the girl love you more, when she can’t forget you, then It is not difficult to go further.

What are the benefits of kissing

Kissing is an intimate way for men and women to express love. At the same time, there are many benefits of kissing, which can also play a certain role in our health, but many people have a question, can kissing spread AIDS? Today, I will talk to you about the kissing tutorial.

1. Will kissing spread AIDS?

HIV is mainly present in the blood, semen, and vaginal secretions of infected persons. Milk and wound secretions also contain HIV. There are three ways to spread AIDS: sexual contact transmission, blood transmission, and mother-to-child transmission.

AIDS is preventable and treatable, not terrible. Daily life contact and shared public facilities will not spread AIDS, such as shaking hands, hugging or kissing, coughing or sneezing, using public telephones, biting by mosquitoes, etc. will not spread AIDS.

Second, the benefits of kissing

1. Lose weight

Each kiss will consume 12 calories in the body. Scientists point out that as long as you kiss 3 times a day for 20 seconds each time, you can lose weight.

2. Immunization

Our saliva contains a large number of bacteria, 20% of which are different from person to person. Once the other person's bacteria is added to the mouth of the kissing subject, these microorganisms will produce different reactions that can stimulate a person's immune system to produce antibodies. Science In other words, this process is called "cross immunity".

3. Pain relief

A German study showed that the more passionate the kiss, the more endorphins secreted by the body will be secreted, and the hormone produced by a hot kiss can play a role as an analgesic.

4. Decompression

Kissing can stop the formation of the stress hormone adrenal cortex. Adrenal cortex hormones are also responsible for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, muscle wasting and insomnia. Kissing can effectively calm down the tension, and people who like kissing are usually very optimistic. Kissing can stimulate the production of adrenaline, prevent the formation of the stress hormone hydrocortisone, and ensure that we have a happy mood. Kissing three times a day can keep you in a pleasant, romantic atmosphere 24 hours a day.

5. Beauty

When people kiss with their tongues, a total of 38 muscles are mobilized in the mouth, face and jaw. Therefore, regular kissing can stretch wrinkles and prevent the formation of wrinkles, but also can make the skin fair.

What is the psychology of men kissing women

In love, the relationship between men and women wants to be more and more intimate, and inevitably there will be physical contact, from holding hands, hugging to kissing, will increase the love between the couple. But some boys who are pursuing girls sometimes use these behaviors to attract the girls' attention. The most interesting way is to force a kiss. So what are the psychology of men kissing women?

1. Definition of strong kiss

Most of them are boys with normal looks and conditions. In the process of pursuing girls they like, they often come up with ideas and actions they want to take. Usually in this case, the girl did not determine that the relationship between the two was a boyfriend or a boyfriend, and most of the boys were issued good cards. Boys who were not satisfied with the status quo wanted to break the relationship between the two by suddenly forcibly kissing to achieve boyfriend. the goal of.

Second, the man's strong kiss the woman's psychology

1. Want to determine the relationship with the woman

When a man is chasing a woman hard, the woman's attitude is unknown, and she has been in the ambiguous stage, the man will have the urge to kiss the woman, because the defense line of the woman's heart will soon collapse under the strong kiss , Succumbing to men, the relationship between the two can also be further confirmed. However, in this case, boys must determine whether good girls have a little liking for themselves.

2. Express your love

Strong kiss is a strong way of expressing love. A person who wants to love you will want to kiss you. The strong kiss is to suppress your love, and then choose the strong kiss. However, when a man kisses a woman, there is often no malice, just want to tell you how much he loves you. And women also want to be kissed strongly, because a strong kiss can give a woman a feeling of being needed, and her inner security will also increase.

3. A strong miss eruption

Men often don’t know how to express their emotions, and strong kisses are also a way of emotional explosion and venting. When a man misses a woman very much, he is very eager to see her. After seeing her, the man can't help but miss her, they will express all their feelings with a kiss. Sometimes because of being too excited, this kiss may also cause discomfort to the woman.

After understanding the psychology of a man kissing a woman, what do they think when they are kissed as a girl?

Third, the girl was forced to kiss the psychology

A man's initiative to kiss a woman is an emergency, while a woman's initiative to kiss a man is a premeditated event. A study by the French "Women" magazine found that in the subconscious, every doctor wants to be caught by a man he likes and kissed against the wall, which will bring them more pleasure. Experts analyze that most women regard kissing as an indispensable part of intimacy, and are eager to experience the feeling of being needed and valued.

Gender knowledge: skills and misunderstandings of sex between men and women

Men and women have sex, this is what men and women love, but many people will ignore the importance of sex, it will lead to emotional disharmony. The terrible thing in a relationship is not the derailment, but the encounter between the two sexes.

First, the sex skills of men and women

1. Pay attention to cleanliness

Cleaning is the basic preparation before sex. Washing secretions and removing bad odors of the body can prevent the other person from feeling uncomfortable, or reduce interest in love, and can also reduce the possibility of bacterial infection.

2. Make a foreplay

Foreplay is a very important part of sex life, and kissing, caressing, etc. are indispensable links in foreplay. Women and men are inherently different in foreplay rhythm, so foreplay time requires two people to fully communicate, men should be concerned about women's feelings and reactions.

3. Whole body investment

Sex requires two people to devote themselves wholeheartedly to avoid being like a wood and not responding to each other. Saying a few words of encouragement and praise can not only provoke the partner's lust, but also make the partner more intoxicated. Also pay attention to turn off the mobile phone and TV, etc., to reject outside interference.

4. Don't force it

The sex process requires the physical and mental input and interaction of two people, so it is not appropriate to force each other, so that male and female love can reflect the understanding and respect between the sexes. Sex should choose a time when both parties feel fit, and avoid fatigue, depression, and female menstruation. It may be that the "overlord's hard bow" will make the partner feel disgusted and not conducive to feelings.

When men and women have sex, men often dominate, and women often have the shyness to express their feelings because they fall into misunderstandings.

Second, the misunderstanding of women having sex

Don't be shy about expressing your feelings about "sex", whether it is longing, refusal, rejoicing, or dissatisfaction, you must speak frankly.

Like does not mean debauchery, refusal is not not love, whether pretending to be reserved, or playing in a show, is not a healthy and harmonious husband and wife life. The deformed concept of sex prevents women from enjoying the pleasure of sex, and it also affects the relationship with their loved ones in life. The other side of being ashamed to say is to cater to your will. He was clearly unhappy and did not want to, but in order to satisfy his husband, he was afraid that the husband would be unhappy, and even worried that the husband would not be satisfied at home and went out looking for excitement, pretending to enjoy, pretending to desire, pretending to climax.

Two healthy and loving people, normally speaking, should be able to experience the joy of body collision. If you don't enjoy it, you have a physical, psychological or life problem. At this time, problems should be analyzed and solved rationally and objectively to achieve harmony. The false flattery of false accusation is to cover up the truth with falsehood. After a long time, the problem will accumulate deeper and deeper, and there will always be a day when you can't pretend.

Teach men and beauties to kiss, and get beauties

When a man kisses a beautiful woman, how can they not make the beautiful woman feel disgusted? At this time it is important to master skills. Today, I will share with you the technique of teaching men and women to kiss, how to use this technique to win the hearts of beautiful women.

1. Teach the skills of men and beauties

1. Zhu Lips

In women's consciousness, kissing should be a gradual process. Therefore, you may also enjoy this slow process, gradually opening the lips of the lover, and then continuously expanding the field. Compared with simple, fast and rough, a slow and gentle kiss can more stimulate women's desires.

2. Be cooperative

Some people feel that kissing and touching can enhance the romantic mood of kissing. This is indeed the case, but it requires skill and method to touch, and must not be touched. When kissing, you can gently touch the lover's back, neck, and upper arm. It is best not to rub her hair.

3. Don't rush into rogues

Kissing is a way of expressing love, without letting the other person know your heart without using words. But not every kiss requires a fixed sex life. Therefore, when kissing, you can make your thoughts simpler, don't always think about the "next step" or it will give the other party the feeling of "rogue". Think of kissing as a flavoring agent for two people's emotions, coming from time to time.

4. Enjoy with your eyes closed

Many women close their eyes when kissing. This not only means that the woman has accepted your intimate move, but also that she is feeling the process of kissing. If you open your eyes while kissing, the visual stimulation will weaken your enjoyment of other sensory systems, but not beautiful. In addition, when kissing, the distance between each other will be very close, and the shortcomings between each other will be magnified by you, but the kissing process can not be enjoyed.

5. The technique of tongue kiss

If you want to use a tongue kiss while kissing, you must pay attention to the gentle touch of the tip of the tongue of the two people, not too rough, and do not lick the lover's teeth with your tongue, otherwise it is easy to leave Good impression.

6. Change posture

The kissing process full of rhythm and change is full of fun, and it is also more popular with women. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of kissing and make lovers unable to extricate themselves, we must pay attention to changing posture and speed. If you maintain a posture throughout the kissing process, it will cause oppressive pain and make you uncomfortable.

How to treat his wife's cold sex

In the marriage relationship, the harmonious sex life is very important, but many men are worried about the problem of how their wives are cold. Today, the editor will help everyone and teach you how to treat your wife's cold sex.

1. What to do if his wife is cold

Sexual indifference refers to lack of sexual desire. Popularly speaking, it means that you are not interested in sexual life, but it is also said to be a decrease in sexual desire. Sexual indifference is a condition that is more common in couples' lives and more difficult to treat. There are many reasons for the formation of this disease, including mental factors and defects in physical diseases. How to treat the wife's cold sex requires starting from the root cause.

1. Eliminate physiological reasons

Accompany her to the hospital for an examination to see if there are any physical problems. Check liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and CT of the head, especially for gynecology and obstetrics examination, if problems are found, they should be treated in time.

2. Tracing the psychological roots

With patience and love, this may be a long and arduous struggle. It is necessary to adjust one's own mentality and maintain the temperature of feelings. Guide her to sort out her sexually related memories until she finds her psychological roots and is willing to be completely open to you.

If she can tell the story of being sexually assaulted or even raped in her early years; or she can say that she received incorrect sex education or was afraid of pregnancy or childbirth when she was young; , Then you are half successful, because the next step can be treated according to the cause.

3. Communicative coldness

For a wife who is psychologically traumatized or mentally concerned, the husband should patiently guide the wife and help eliminate the concerns. If a woman's lack of sexual knowledge leads to a discordant sexual life, the husband and wife should actively communicate, learn sexual knowledge, understand each other's sexual psychology and sexual needs, explore and try on the premise of mutual consent, and learn to appreciate and praise each other.

4. Take care of your wife and coordinate your relationship

If the relationship between husband and wife is not in harmony, there will be no pleasure in sex life. A wife is not a vassal of her husband. Only by being more caring about his wife can she let her forget the unfortunate past, and never express dissatisfaction in her speech. Can often accompany her to travel, walk, watch movies. Do more in housework, encourage more in spirit, and provide her with psychological comfort. When there are differences in life, we should seek common ground while reserving small differences, and a tolerant attitude to resolve the conflict.

Some women, especially those who have been sexually assaulted, should undergo sexual psychotherapy. It is best to find a professional who is willing to trust to listen to them and comfort the injured heart.

Notes on having sex with girls for the first time

The first intimate contact between men and women is always full of expectations, because in love, we all hope to get closer to the people we like. The first intimate contact included holding hands, hugging, kissing, and even making love. So what should you pay attention to when having sex with a girl for the first time?

1. Notes on having sex with girls for the first time

1. Maintain the correct mentality

Since women who love for the first time usually do not have or have very few sex experiences, men should be proactive and help enlighten her so that the two can better cross Wushan together. Women may be nervous when they start having sex because of shyness or lack of experience.

At this time, don't be too anxious. Take your time and gently undress her to remove her tension. It is also because of shyness that he cannot enter the state quickly. Therefore, you should do a foreplay and do more manipulation of sensitive parts, so that women can enter the state of indulgence better, so as to facilitate sex.

2. Choose the right posture

In addition, if a woman cannot cooperate with a man because of inexperience, shyness, etc. when having sex for the first time, if the man still adopts the way of getting on the female side at this time, it will be very troublesome, and even the vaginal opening will not be found. Especially in the case of men who also have insufficient sexual experience. Therefore, it is better to use a method that is more comfortable for both parties and allows sex to be made relatively quickly.

For example, if your girlfriend is sitting on the edge of a wide and flat desktop, with your legs spread apart, and you are standing facing her, then the girlfriend’s pussy is directly facing your penis, and you can clearly see the woman’s pussy, which can be quickly Find the vagina and insert it into the penis easily, so that the penis can be inserted better.

3. Don't play new tricks at the beginning

Since a woman has less love experience for the first time, she should remind her how to pose when making love, and not just to be boring. In terms of specific methods, it is best to use only common methods of making love, and not to use some rare and alternative ways of making love at the beginning. This may make women feel scared or disgusted. Wait until there are more sexes between the two, and then slowly adopt other exciting and rare methods of making love, so that women will be more accustomed.

Why do men like women coquettish

Why do men like women? The big reason is that the difference in physiological structure stems from the attractiveness of women to men, whether it is human instinct, or assimilation by society, or both. Different men like women differently.

1. Why do men like women

In the ancient times, when the emotional needs of human beings did not develop as high as they are now, the relationship between men and women bears more the role of inheriting blood and prosperity. This is a cooperative relationship with a clear division of labor and has nothing to do with love.

The "love" in the so-called "love" is when the material life is relatively stable, and when the survival crisis is resolved, it becomes the reason and attraction for men and women to live together to raise children.

Why do men like conservative women

Men like women. In fact, they don’t like all women, but young and beautiful women with good temperament and wisdom. Because beautiful people and things are desirable, but most men have a physical desire for women, so It seems to like women, and some men have a physical desire for men, so they like to look like men.

Some people ask, why do men like conservative women? In one sentence, men like other women to be open, but they want their women to be conservative. So, as long as it is conservative enough, can the man he likes like himself? Absolutely not. If your conservatism can be a little more coquettish, it will definitely double the effect.

Second, why do men like women to be coquettish

1. Manliness

Men subconsciously feel that women need protection. Although too strong women can provoke men's sense of conquest, they do not stimulate men's desire to protect. Coquettish women have a soft attitude, which can make men feel different from their own masculinity and arouse their desire for protection. They will feel that such women are more suitable for themselves and make them feel stronger.

2. Will satisfy men's vanity

In fact, a clever woman is a "man" when she is alone. Anyone can act coquettishly, but not to anyone. Women's coquetry with men also depends on the object, which means that in this woman's mind, she can rely on. Especially masculine men, the most can not stand the coquettishness of women. Why do men like women to be coquettish? Because often can satisfy men's vanity. Once a woman is coquettish, a few good words and a few actions can soften his attitude, because it makes him feel that he is needed and his heart is satisfied.

Why do men in love like kissing

Why do men and women like to kiss? In addition to exchanging feelings, kissing between lovers also conveys a lot of information, and can cause various hormone levels related to a happy mood.

1. Why do men in love particularly like kissing

There are many studies on why men like to kiss, and there is even a specialized knowledge-"kissing". People who study this knowledge believe that when kissing, the two parties exchange a variety of hormones and pheromones. The deep kiss between the couple is actually through contact with each other's chemical information to determine whether each other's body is "chemically compatible." And 66% of women and 59% of men think that if two people feel bad when they kiss for the first time, it is definitely possible to break up.

Why do men and women like to kiss? When kissing, the chemical hormones in the body change, and the stress-related hormone cortisol level decreases; the intimacy enhancing hormone oxytocin secretion level rises; kissing also causes the brain to secrete endorphins, which can It makes people feel euphoric, and some people even accurately calculated that a sweet kiss is equivalent to eating 25 grams of chocolate.

When kissing, men prefer a "wet kiss" with their mouth wide open. In this way, they instinctively pass the male hormones in their saliva to the woman in order to evoke her desire.

Why do men like kissing, also because it has the effect of testing the emotions of both sides. Before and after kissing, the couple will generally look at each other with emotion for a short distance, and if one of them feels uncomfortable with their relationship, he cannot stare at each other naturally, but involuntarily looks away or fights. Cut off the other person's gaze.

Moreover, the small movements of the two during kissing are actually an unconscious conversation. Whose oral movements are stronger, who open their mouths less reluctantly, and who just open their mouths do not move, which shows that they are in this relationship a feeling of.

In addition, the skin of the lips is the thinnest in the whole body, and the surface is covered with nerve endings, which is rich in sensibility. Moreover, during the kissing process, not only the sense of taste, which is rarely used, but also the other party's odor is stronger than usual. By tasting each other's unique taste and the smell of different people, the impression that this person has in your mind will be extraordinary and profound. These are the reasons why men in love particularly like kissing.

Of course, kissing also requires skills and practice, and many couples at first feel that kissing is boring, but as the relationship deepens, they can't stop kissing.

What girls should pay attention to for the first time

The first-time life of girls can be seen as a symbol of changing from "girl" to "woman". Many men may not remember their first time, but for girls it is memorable and unforgettable.

1. What girls should pay attention to for the first time

1. Prevent inflammation of the damaged hymen

After the hymen ruptures, there will be some slight pain and a small amount of bleeding. It should be wiped with sterile gauze or cotton wool. It is best to have sexual intercourse every 2 to 3 days to prevent inflammation of the wound. If the hymen ruptures and bleeds a lot, and the pain is unbearable, you should see a doctor immediately.

2. Pay attention to external genital hygiene

You and your husband must wash the vulva with warm water and neutral soap on the wedding night. Due to the purchase of marriage items and entertaining relatives and friends, the newlyweds are busy and tired. The smegma of men and the vaginal secretions of women increase. If they are not cleaned, they are very unhygienic, which will affect the sexual desire and health of both men and women.

3. Make good contraceptive measures

If both men and women do not want to have children right away, and do not take birth control pills, both husband and wife have concerns, and the woman is more afraid of pregnancy, so her thoughts cannot be concentrated, and sex life will be affected. If the woman takes contraceptives in time, or the man wears a condom, there is no worries about the dual convenience, concentration, and sexual life will achieve satisfactory results.

4. Treat premature ejaculation correctly

For the first time in life, the man may have failed sexual intercourse due to a lack of sexual knowledge or excessive excitement and premature ejaculation. It should be forgiven for this situation. This is not premature ejaculation. With the growth of sexual knowledge and the accumulation of sexual experience after marriage, the two parties cooperate with each other and will soon return to normal.

5. Close cooperation and caring for each other

When starting a sex life for the first time, both sides feel a sense of shame, especially the woman is more obvious, the psychological state is more complicated, and mental tension. To let her husband move gently, try a few more times at a time. The woman should also actively cooperate to overcome the tension and fear, take the initiative to relax, awaken sexual excitement quickly, have more vaginal secretion, and have a good lubricating effect, which can reduce the pain during sexual intercourse and the pain caused by the scratching of the hymen.

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3 pieces of advice: the sex principle that girls should grasp before having sex

For many people, when feelings rise to a certain level, it is normal to have a relationship and a desire to blend spirit and flesh. This is normal for girls. Although in today's general environment, sexual desire makes many girls shy, but it is not necessary. But before girls decide to have sex with boys, they need to grasp the three principles of sex.

One, three advices: the sex principle that girls should grasp

1. The first principle: carefully consider traveling with him

If you do not plan to have a relationship with a boy, never travel with him. When you are not ready, do not enter a private space with a boy, this is the first important point. The best way to fix a mistake is to avoid it.

2. The second principle: learn to refuse

In the course of sexual relations, if you don’t want to, you must stop him firmly, and don’t give up and refuse because of embarrassment or embarrassment.

3. The third principle: safety measures should be in place

There must be sufficient security measures for the relationship. Girls should also pay attention to the fact that if a boy behaves incorrectly in this kind of "frank meeting", it will have a great impact on your relationship. When the boys are not ready, you have to choose whether to advance or retreat according to your wishes.

The voluntary relationship between the two parties is splendid. Whether it's just beginning to fall in love, or the two parties have entered a deeper relationship, and may even be married, never relax the exploration of gender relations, and always go in a deeper direction to develop. You will find that in fact, the world of two people is very interesting when exploring in depth.

9 principles of gender relations

People who don’t know the gender skills often don’t know how to get along with the opposite sex, or they don’t have any opposite sex friends at all, because they can’t grasp well. Share 9 very practical gender tips, take a look at it if you are interested.

1. The 9 Principles of Gender Relations

1. Men and women can still be good friends, as long as both conditions are met, 1. Both are ugly and 2. Both are poor.

2. Love is built on the relationship of “uncertainty”. This “uncertainty” makes the couple uneasy, and even ceases the anxiety with all kinds of mountain alliance pledges, but the day when the anxiety finally disappeared, love Also missing.

3. Men always think that they should take the initiative in the relationship between the sexes. In fact, the initiative is always the woman. If a woman likes you, you are right to do anything. If she doesn't like you, you talk sweetly, she thinks you are a liar, you make an appointment, she says you are a rogue.

4. Men's love for women should be long flowing, especially if they are too unusable at the beginning, otherwise they will spoil the woman and she will not be able to endure the blandness that will come. Then she will hate you and you will hate her.

5. Three ways to restrain yourself from contacting each other after breaking up. 1) Set a small goal every day, only restrain yourself for 24 hours, and then start again after 24 hours, slowly increase the amount. 2) I firmly believe that there is a possibility of reconciliation between you, but it takes a while to calm down and adapt slowly. 3) Random eggs.

6. How to grasp the timing of marriage? If you don’t have sex with TA and don’t bother you, then you can get married. Please note that it is possible, not necessary.

7. The marriage and love of the bottom men basically depend on cheating. After cheating the woman, they must endure the woman's sarcasm, complain and even humiliation. Unbearable, take the initiative to divorce. If you can bear it, bear with it.

8. People who are really suitable for marriage are usually stable in all aspects, but stability and boredom are for twin brothers. If you want stability, you have to endure boredom. Many people can’t do this, making them wandering for a long time. the edge of.

9. It is generally a misunderstanding that men can separate sex and love. For men, sex is love. To be specific, if a man wants to have sexual relations with a woman more than twice, it is love.

Women master these three sex skills and enhance the interest of husband and wife life

The emotional maintenance between husband and wife is largely related to sex. As a woman, you can not only enjoy sex, but also need to pay in sex. The most important thing is that you have to master these three sex skills, then your lover will I will always miss your bed.

1. Women master these three sex skills and enhance the interest of couples in life

1. Relive his endless sexual pleasure

In fact, in sexual life, women want to bring sexual pleasure to men. It is super simple. You only need to take a little initiative and pay more, then men will feel your interest. For example, during foreplay, you not only respond to him, but you can also try to do some foreplay that women can do to him. For example, kissing his chest, touching his body with his hands, these simple actions can stimulate a man’s strong sexual desire and make him more fanatical to you.

2. Give yourself a sexy dress

In fact, men are particularly visual animals. Their first impression of women is their appearance. When you are about to start sex, the biggest impact on him is your clothing. When you wear that kind of clothing, it looks like Lu Fei. When the clothes are extremely sexy, he can feel the hazy beauty of your looming figure. The desire of a man to explore a woman's body will bring him into the best state of sexual battle.

3. Women should be shy and euphemistic in sex

Men are naturally possessive. They tend to prefer women who are a little bit shy or subtle. So, in the life of couples, remember to be a little bit shy and half push and half enjoy. The most fascinating men are. In addition, just remember the sound of calling the bed, enjoy it as much as possible, as you shout, he who believes in you will also work harder, let you all enter the climax.

Many women only know how to enjoy the struggle of men when they are in sex, but forget that you can also do things that make men have more sexual desires. Remembering these sex skills will make him more obsessed with you.

Contraindications for pregnant women: be sure to pay attention to these during pregnancy

Many people think that having sex during pregnancy is contraindicated for pregnant women, but studies in the past 30 years have shown that there is no evidence that sexual life during pregnancy will increase the adverse pregnancy consequences of healthy pregnant women. So is it allowed for pregnant women to have sex? Nor is it! There are many taboos in sexual life during pregnancy Matters needing attention, I hope that all parents can learn more.

1. Taboos for pregnant women

1. It is best to use condoms or extracorporeal sperm for sex during pregnancy

Sexual life can be done during pregnancy, but it is not to encourage everyone to go to uncontrolled sex life. When having sex during pregnancy, it is best to use a condom or take extracorporeal sperm to prevent semen from entering the vagina. This is because the prostaglandins in semen will be absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, which may cause uterine contractions, which will not only cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers, but also easily cause miscarriage or premature delivery.

2. These women should avoid sex during pregnancy

For women with habitual abortion, a history of premature birth, and older primiparas, for safety reasons, such pregnant women have sex, and sexual life is prohibited throughout pregnancy. Everything in pregnancy must be based on the highest health of the pregnant mother's health! Moderate, safe, caring, gentle, restrained, and to ensure that the mother's health is acceptable to the same room.

However, there are some people who do not recommend the same room during pregnancy: pregnant mothers with a history of miscarriage, premature birth, or bleeding, abnormal secretions, placenta previa, low placenta, cervical laxity or other abnormal phenomena should not do the same room!

Second, pregnant sex must pay attention to these!

1. The range of sex during pregnancy should be small. Avoid generating large vibrations that affect your baby.

2. Sex during pregnancy should pay more attention to hygiene, and clean the private parts before and after to avoid infection.

3. In the third trimester, 2 weeks before the expected date of delivery, sex is strictly forbidden to avoid premature birth.

4. Make love in the first trimester, be careful to avoid miscarriage.

5. Love during pregnancy, prohibit oppression and impact on the stomach, prohibit women from over-excitement, and try to be as restrained as possible.