Friday, June 26, 2020

Women often drink black tea

Do women drink black tea often? Black tea undergoes fermentation and is of mild nature. And the contained ingredients are very rich, which makes the health care effect more remarkable. For women, drinking tea should choose warm tea, so women often drink black tea is very good.

The benefits of women often drinking black tea

1. Deep detoxification

The effect of Anhua black tea to cool down, detoxify and laxative. With the help of Anhua black tea, it can regulate the stomach and intestines and restore normal functions. Completely solve the problem of acne caused by constipation and bad breath of "Lady Killer". Girls who are afraid of acne remember to drink it often.

2. Whitening, get rid of dark complexion

One of the greatest effects of drinking Anhua black tea is to reduce blood lipid levels, relax blood vessels, and thus speed up blood circulation, and solve dull skin and various annoying spots caused by poor blood and blood.

3. Slimming Firming

Anhua black tea has a good effect on reducing the content of lipid compounds and cholesterol. Therefore, insisting on drinking Anhua black tea has the effect of losing weight, reducing fat and lowering blood pressure.

4. Anti-aging

Anhua black tea is made from the wild tea tree of Antai Yuntai Mountain in Hunan. The total amount of catechins is higher than other tea varieties. The rich tea polyphenols help the skin resist aging. In other words, Anhua black tea has the anti-aging beauty effect.

5. Lose weight

Under normal circumstances, people can lose weight even if they lose weight through dieting. If they do not pay attention, the weight will return to the original state, and the so-called "rebound" phenomenon occurs. The researchers found that this is because losing weight by dieting alone does not exercise, it will make the muscles thinner, resulting in a reduction in basic calorie consumption. Therefore, even a normal diet will cause excess calories and cause a rebound.

Woman drinking black tea to lose weight scientific drinking method

At the beginning of drinking Anhua black tea, it is recommended to drink 30 minutes after a meal, to eliminate fat and greasy, and can increase the occurrence of predatory body temperature. Of course, drinking before meals can also make the stomach full and reduce the intake of food, but after drinking before meals, if you feel too hungry and you can’t control your appetite, it will become fat, please please Friends who have just started to drink must pay attention, if you can not control, it is recommended to drink half an hour after a meal. It is best not to drink it immediately after a meal, so as not to dilute the gastric juice. Anhua black tea is best to drink after meals. 1000 ml per day is the amount of two bottles of mineral water.

The effect of weight loss varies from person to person. Generally, people with more active autonomic nerves will lose weight after a week. Anhua black tea not only can lose weight, but also can adjust the physique to the best state. Therefore, after successful weight loss, you should continue to maintain the habit of drinking Anhua black tea, so as to ensure that the weight will not rebound.

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