Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Women live with and without children, the lives they live in are very different, these differences are too obvious

Women have children and do not have children, the timing is different

Once at a classmate's meeting, I obviously felt that women have different babies and no children in terms of time arrangement. Many girls who came to the party at that time, all those who gave birth to children, hurried away after finishing a meal. They also said that the family could not be separated from people, so that the elderly would not be relieved to help bring the children.

But women who haven’t had children can still chat easily after dinner, and then they can go shopping together. Obviously, they don’t have to go on schedule and don’t have to do anything when they don’t have children.

If you make an analogy, the woman who gave birth to the child is like the second hand on the watch. Life is in seconds, and life is very urgent. The woman who has never had a child is like the hour hand on the watch, walking slowly and slowly in life.

Women have children and do not have children

A friend was particularly delicate before giving birth, and she also said that she was weak. When she was doing laundry or doing housework for a while, she shouted that she was very tired and needed rest. I usually raise my hands for two days after scratching my skin. However, since the birth of the child, it is like a strong woman.

I heard that once she went out to the supermarket and bought something. When she came back, the elevator broke down. She was worried about the child, and she climbed nearly 20th floor carrying something stiffly. I can't take care of anything.

If this was the case before, when the elevator broke down when she was going home, it is estimated that she would find a shop to order a cup of milk tea, play with her mobile phone and wait slowly, instead of carrying the heavy things up the stairs. Women give birth to children and do not give birth to children. They cherish themselves differently, because the things in their hearts are different.

Women have children and do not have children, and they are willing to endure marriage to different degrees

One mother said that she had gained tens of pounds after giving birth and the skin on her belly had become loose. Because of this, I was depressed once, but unfortunately my husband didn't understand it, and the relationship between husband and wife became very bad. She also always thinks about seeing a man's true face after giving birth. If there is no child, it is estimated that with such a husband, she will divorce without any care.

Now that I don’t have to think twice about having children, wait for the children to be older. If I still can’t stand the marriage, I will probably divorce. Women who give birth to children and those who do not have children have different levels of tolerance for marriage. Women who do not have children are more resolute in facing marriage and do not drag on.

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