Monday, June 29, 2020

Women have the following characteristics, suggesting that the best childbearing age is longer than others

It is generally believed that women between the ages of 23 and 30 are the most suitable for having children. However, many women in life may not get stuck at this age and have children because of these and other problems. And if you usually have the following characteristics, it also means that your time for fertility is longer than others, and you have an advantage over others when giving birth.

Personal physique is very important

Women who exercise regularly tend to maintain a good physical condition and also appear young. If you are a person who likes sports more, congratulations, your personal physical condition is very good. Some time ago, sports-loving star Chen Yihan also had children. Although 36-year-old has been considered an advanced mother, she did not show some symptoms of elderly women. I believe this has a lot to do with her long-term love for sports and good health.

People who can exercise consistently will have much better physical fitness. The issue of the best reproductive age for other people may be different in her.

Good family conditions, low stress and good mentality

If the stress of long-term life is great, it may be slightly older than its peers, and it will be affected somewhat in terms of fertility; and if it is a family with better conditions, because the stress of life is small, and people pay great attention to maintenance, so look It also looks younger than other people of the same age. Moreover, people with a good mental attitude will have better physical function, and the optimal age for childbearing may also be prolonged.

A cousin I met had a good family, and she was an optimistic and cheerful person herself. Some time ago, I had a second child at 35 years old, but my complexion was very good. It didn't look like an old woman, and my body recovered quickly. This may have a lot to do with her being under pressure and having a happy family. When the second child was confinement, Yuesao and her family took care of them, so there was no problem of confinement.

living habits

If you usually have more regular rest and rest time and pay more attention to your diet, the general physical condition of such people is relatively healthy. Because everyone knows that staying up late is more harmful, if you are young but often stay up late, the physical quality may not necessarily be good for people who are older and do not stay up late. Although he is a little older, he has a good living pattern, and his physical condition is correspondingly better. The corresponding best business age is longer than others.

Of course, diet is also a very important factor. If you pay more attention to nutritional balance in your daily life, you will have good feedback in terms of physical fitness.

If these aspects are occupied, it means that the optimal age for childbearing is likely to be longer than others. If you have the idea of ​​wanting a second child, it is still very dominant compared with other people of the same age. At the same time, people with good physiques are more likely to conceive, so if you don’t plan to have a baby for a while, you should also take birth control measures in your life to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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