Saturday, June 27, 2020

Winter windows are prone to water mist

During winter driving, the windows of the car fog up, which not only blocks the view, but also seriously affects the mood of the driver. There are some tips to deal with window fogging. You can turn on the warm air to remove the fog. You can also add your own "defogging agent" when you wipe the car.

Turn on the air-conditioning heater to defog

Fog on the windshield of the car is due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car. The carbon dioxide exhaled by the passengers in the car contains a lot of water vapor. The water vapor will condense into small water droplets when it meets the cold glass. The most common way to defog car glass is to turn on the air conditioner, but some people say that it is better to turn on cold air, and some people say that it is better to turn on warm air. In fact, both methods are correct. Turning on the air-conditioning cold wind has a quick effect, and its demisting effect is similar to window-opening ventilation. However, since it is driving in winter, it is impossible to blow cold wind in the car all the time. If you turn off the car air conditioning, the mist will reappear soon. Turning on the air-conditioning and heating the air to remove the mist, the effect is relatively slow, at least 5 minutes, but the effect is sustained, and this method of demisting is to use the heat generated by the engine to remove the mist without increasing fuel consumption, which is both economical and effective Defogging method.

Various ways to deal with

Some car owners feel that the effect is not good regardless of whether they are warm or cold. To save trouble, simply wipe with a paper towel. Although the effect of this method is "immediate", but the paper towel is wiped, it is easy to leave fragments, affect the sight, and the front After wiping, you still have to wipe the back. Soon after wiping, the window will be covered with mist again. It is understood that some special defogging agents or defogging tools can effectively defog. These defogging products are not expensive, and they are also very convenient to use. In addition, you can also use detergent to make your own "defogging agent" with water, the ratio is 1:6, and then evenly apply the sponge to the glass in the car. After drying, wipe it with a towel, usually two to three It needs to be reapplied once a week, so the anti-fog effect is also obvious, the operation is simple, and the cost is saved, which is also a good choice for car owners.

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