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Will not be pregnant during lactation? Do you really understand the knowledge about contraception?

At the beginning, the editor wanted to say that whenever and wherever a woman should, she should take care of her body first.

This is not selfishness, but a must!

Feeling, it is time to talk about the order of life: how would you arrange yourself, children, spouse, parents?

Does it feel like a baby has been born, and has been around the baby all day, so the child will become NO.1?

NONONO, what the editor wants to say is that only by taking care of yourself can you take good care of your children, and only by handling your relationship with your husband can you take better care of your children!

It seems a bit off topic, in fact, what Xiaobian wants to talk about today is: contraception. (This is really important for protecting the body).

Believe that in the days and nights around eating and drinking Lasa around the baby, you should not want to respond to the country's call so quickly and have a second child in a hurry? So, let's take a look at this article.

Of course, it is also necessary for the female compatriots who have not had a baby and have already given birth to a second child to perfect their knowledge! After all, most of the time baby is not the purpose.

The rest of his life is still very long, so the sooner the contraceptive knowledge is mastered, the better.

To understand contraception, we first: conception.

Guys, don’t tell me that you don’t know how you became a mother, haha.

"The sperm and egg are combined in the fallopian tube to become a fertilized egg. The fertilized egg develops on one side, moves to the uterine cavity once, reaches the endometrium in about a week, and then takes root and gradually grows into a fetus."

Therefore, the necessary conditions for conception are:

1. Normal healthy eggs

2. Normal and healthy sperm

3. The sperm and egg meet to become a fertilized egg and enter the uterine cavity smoothly

4. The endometrium is healthy, and the fertilized egg can be implanted successfully.

After understanding the conditions of conception, it is much easier to talk about contraception. (The following dry goods knowledge is compiled from the answer of authoritative expert Liu Suping)

Do I need to use contraception if I don’t have menstruation after delivery?

of course yes! There is ovulation before menstruation. At this time, even if there is no menstruation, as long as there is ovulation, it is possible to get pregnant. Moreover, it is still breastfeeding after delivery, and it is very dangerous if you become pregnant again. Because the uterus is relatively soft, it is troublesome to handle.

Is the menstrual period safe? Do I still need contraception?

First, sexual life is not promoted during the menstrual period. If any, it is best to use contraception. The menstrual period is theoretically a safe period, but some people have a menstrual period such as 7 days, which happens to ovulate earlier. It is also possible to ovulate on the 6th and 7th days of the menstrual period.

What is a short-acting birth control pill? Can it be used for long-term?

Short-acting contraceptive pills are a type of contraceptive pills that you need to eat every day. Taking this month will only protect you from pregnancy this month.

This birth control pill can be taken for a long time. However, when taking short-acting contraceptives, it is important to remember (especially for Chinese women) that short-acting contraceptives are irritating to the breast and should be used with caution in cases of breast problems.

There are also people who smoke more and do not recommend oral short-acting contraceptives. Because oral contraceptives may have a certain impact on thrombogenic problems in some people, of course, among young people, the probability of such an event is relatively low.

Will short-acting oral contraceptives affect the menstrual cycle?

For people with menstrual disorders, it actually has the effect of adjusting the menstrual cycle. Therefore, for people with menstrual disorders, it is still more advocated to use oral contraceptives. There are also oral contraceptives, which have the effect of reducing androgens, so in addition to contraception, there are some benefits other than contraception.

Is there a contraceptive suitable for men

Did you ask a question that everyone particularly wants to ask?

Of course!

1. Condom.

2. Ligation of the vas deferens. But now there is less done in Shanghai. It may not exceed 10 cases per year. Just now we said that sperm and egg are combined in the fallopian tube, and the ligation is that the sperm should not be expelled through the fallopian tube, and the path is cut off.

In fact, experts mean that this has little effect on male health.

3. The spermicide, the scientific name nonoxynol, is mostly made into a film and placed in the female vagina. Can kill sperm to play a contraceptive effect.

Sexual life during ovulation, after taking emergency contraception afterwards, is it still possible to get pregnant?


First of all, the emergency contraceptive is not a 100% contraceptive in itself, and it has a 90% success rate in clinical trials. Moreover, taking emergency contraception only protects the unprotected sex life before taking the medicine. If you have an unprotected sex life after taking the emergency contraception, you may still be pregnant.

So be careful, you may get pregnant after taking emergency contraception.

When is the safe period and do you need contraception during this period?

Generally speaking, only for women with regular menstruation, the safe period is more accurate. Strictly speaking, the first 14 days of the next menstrual period is the ovulation period, then the first three days of the ovulation period and the day after the ovulation period may be pregnant. After removing this period, the other time is the safety period.

But remind everyone that the security period is not safe. Even for people with very regular menstrual cycles, her ovulation period may be early or delayed.

Will long-term use of oral short-acting contraceptives affect pregnancy's fetal health?

Short-acting oral contraceptives, as long as they are not missed or served well, the general contraceptive effect is above 99.5%, and basically will not be pregnant. In general, you may become pregnant in the second month after stopping the medicine.

Why is it called short-acting? It is because the hormones in these contraceptives are very short-lived and will be metabolized soon, so as long as the medicine is stopped, the pregnancy can be prepared in the second month without adversely affecting the baby.

Will the emergency contraceptives affect health afterwards?

Generally, there is no particularly obvious effect on health. But it may cause menstrual disorders. It is possible to delay menstruation or irregular bleeding, so we do not advocate long-term use of emergency contraception, if taken for a long time, it is easy to cause menstrual disorders.

To sum up, what are the safe and reliable methods of contraception?

It should be said that it varies from person to person.

For example, if you haven't had a baby before, you might recommend short-acting oral contraceptives. However, if there is a problem with the breast, then condoms may be promoted in this case.

If you have already given birth and do not plan to have a baby in the short term or in the future, you can put an IUD (of course, you can also ligature your husband). In addition, there is subcutaneous implantation, that is, subcutaneous implantation of condoms. The contraceptive effect is very good, but the probability of causing menstrual disorders will also be relatively high.

Of course, if you want to ask the safest method of contraception?

That might be abstinence!

These are probably common questions that everyone wants to know! Here, the editor wants to reiterate (it seems that there is a bit of nagging, don’t mind), that is: the child arrives at the right time, it is a gift, otherwise it is to trouble yourself.

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