Thursday, June 25, 2020

Why should we use a tea leaf in the teapot

The clay teapot, for most tea friends, is an old friend. Especially when the teapot is used for a long time, the body will become more shiny and lovely due to touching and wiping. This feature makes many tea friends love it. Wen Long, a literati in the Ming Dynasty, once said in "Tea Notes": "Mo Zhang Bao Ai, be like palm beads. It has been used for a long time, the outer type is purple jade, and the inside is like blue clouds." It’s all used. Isn’t brewing a variety of teas more effective for the maintenance of the pot, but why do you say "one pot does not matter two teas".

Many purple clay pot players will always use a type of tea when making tea in the purple clay pot. The reason is that many people do not know.

The formation of this habit is related to the characteristics of the clay teapot. Because the clay teapot has a special double-pore structure, it is good at absorbing tea soup, so a long-used teapot, even without adding tea leaves, can be washed out of the light tea soup with boiling water alone. Therefore, the tea soup brewed by a teapot of "Nothing Two Teas" can maintain the freshness and purity of the original flavor. Otherwise, if you brew oolong tea today, Pu'er tea tomorrow, and Huahua tea the day after tomorrow, then it will inevitably lead to a mixture of tea flavors and no personality. At all.

It is worth paying special attention that in order to form a "tea mountain" in the pot and make it look more ancient, some people leave the tea leaves in it and let them dry. However, if it is hot and humid in the local area, molds are easily produced in the teapot. This method is really not enough if considering the hygiene point of view. After making tea, some people deliberately store the last bubble tea soup in the pot until it is poured out before the next use, thinking that this method can receive the effect of internal soaking and external cultivation. As everyone knows, the stomata structure of the clay teapot is not only good at adsorbing tea soup, but also easy to absorb mold naturally. The pots raised by this are afraid that when you make tea in the future, it will also have an odor, which may even hinder your health. It is really worth the loss.

Drinking tea is a leisurely cultural activity. In addition to tasting the taste of tea, the first thing is to meditate and calm your mind, calmly and calmly, and the other is to be happy and relaxed. When you insist on "one tea does not matter, two teas", you will experience the subtle original color of the tea soup, the most primitive and elegant taste without a hint of aroma, and you will feel a kind of personalized mood; and When your line of sight crosses "one pot does not do two teas", you will realize another kind of state: loose, casual, tolerant, calm, but naturally interesting!

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