Thursday, June 25, 2020

Why should tea be killed

Killing green is one of the key processes of tea making technology. "Green" refers to fresh leaves, as the name implies is to destroy the organization of fresh leaves.

Why should tea be "killed"?

Tea contains a substance called enzyme. Enzymes are biological macromolecules with biocatalytic function, which is a kind of biocatalyst. It can accelerate or slow down the speed of biochemical reaction, but it does not change the direction and product of the reaction.

Most enzymes are composed of proteins (a few are RNA), and their activities are easily affected by factors such as temperature and chemical environment (such as pH). Under the action of high temperature, the protein molecular structure of the enzyme will be irreversibly destroyed, and the enzyme activity will be completely lost. In the process of killing green, high temperature measures are taken to quickly transform the contents of fresh leaves.

Killing green destroys the activity of the enzyme and converts its contents into the basis for the unique quality of all types of tea.

The "killing green" of tea makes use of the high-temperature inactivation properties of the enzyme to stop the activities of oxidase (especially polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase) in fresh leaves in time.

The purpose of tea leaf killing is as follows:

1. Short-term use of high temperature to destroy the activity of polyphenol oxidase in fresh leaves, inhibit the enzymatic oxidation of polyphenols, and make the contents form the color of green tea, black tea, yellow tea and Pu'er tea under non-enzymatic action. Quality characteristics such as aroma and taste.

Second, remove some of the water, make the blade from hard to soft, easy to twist. Easy to shape.

3. Remove fresh leaves of grass and give off charming tea fragrance.

In short, destroying the organization and structure of fresh leaves, transforming the shape and quality of fresh leaves, and laying a good foundation for the unique quality of tea, this is the purpose of killing green and the basic basis for killing green technical measures.

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