Friday, June 26, 2020

Why is summer tea generally not used as a tea raw material?

"Spring tea is bitter, summer tea is astringent, it is delicious, Qiu Bailu (referring to autumn tea)". In most of the tea-producing regions of my country, the growth of tea trees and the harvesting of tea leaves are seasonal. It is usually divided into spring, summer and autumn teas according to the time of production.

In fact, due to the development of modern tea-making skills, the "bitterness" of spring tea is more sought after and tastes better. The color and taste of autumn tea is between spring tea and summer tea, and its aroma is peaceful. It is generally inferior to spring tea in terms of nutrients. Summer tea is generally not used as a raw material for finished tea leaves. Even summer tea is regarded as "rainwater tea" by many people. Although this kind of thinking is a bit extreme, summer tea does not help to make tea raw materials. Why is this? ? Let's take a look.

What is summer tea?

Summer tea refers to the tea leaves picked and produced during the period from Xiaoman to Xiaoshu.

What are the quality characteristics of summer tea?

The content of anthocyanins, caffeine, and tea polyphenols in summer tea increases, while the content of amino acids and vitamins is small, which makes the taste appear bitter than spring and autumn tea.

Why is summer tea not the first choice for drinking tea?

In summer, the sunlight is sufficient, the temperature is relatively high, the growth rate of the tea tree is also very fast, and the tea leaves are easy to age. The content of amino acids and vitamins in tea is obviously reduced, the content of caffeine and tea polyphenols is obviously increased, and the taste of tea appears bitter. Compared to the fresh and tender spring tea, and the autumn tea that is full of flavor and taste, the slightly bitter summer tea will naturally not be the first choice for tea friends.

Why is summer tea generally not used as a raw material for finished products?

In summer, there is plenty of precipitation and adequate care. The new shoots of the tea tree grow rapidly, and the contents are not precipitated. Therefore, the tea leaves naturally have no contents, or the contents are not rich, so the taste and taste will not be rich. Naturally, it is not good to drink, and even if it is made into a finished product, the tea leaves are very easy to age in the early stage or the late stage, which not only does not have much taste, but also can not hold it. This is the reason why summer tea is generally not used to make tea.

How do you deal with summer tea in general?

The first one is not picking, let it grow; the second one is thrown away after picking, no regrets; the third is to make tea according to conventional methods, such as green tea, but the price is much lower than that of spring tea , Can't sell at any price.

What is the effect of summer tea?

In fact, the bitterness of summer tea is due to the high content of tea polyphenols, anthocyanins and theophylline in the tea leaves, which are generally not liked by people who drink tea. However, tea polyphenols happen to have antioxidant functions, and anthocyanins are known as natural antioxidants, which are of great benefit to the human body.

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