Friday, June 26, 2020

Why is the price of Jinjunmei so high? There are three main factors

Jinjunmei belongs to the branch of Zhengshan small black tea and is an innovative black tea. The raw materials are picked from the world's black tea origin, the world's cultural and natural heritage site, and the original ecological alpine tea buds of 565 square kilometers around the Wuyishan National Key Nature Reserve. Tongmu Village is located in the core area of ​​Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Tongmu Village Known as "tea", it is "the birthplace of black tea in the world". Jin Junmei is known as the “new tea upstart”, filling the gap in black tea without high-end tea leaves.

Why is the price of Jinjunmei so high? There are three main factors

First, due to geographical restrictions, Jin Junmei raw materials are only picked in high-quality original ecological tea production areas within a radius of 565 square kilometers in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve. The purchase cost of tea green in Tongmuguan is high, and 5-8 pounds of tea buds can only make one pound of finished products;

Second, the production process of Jin Junmei is complicated. It is innovative and developed on the basis of more than 400 years of traditional Zhengshan races. It uses single bud production and improves the traditional Zhengshan races smoke process. After more than 20 years of tea making experience, the old tea masters hand-twist and make, the process is complicated, and it is really the best in tea.

Third, the product is scarce. The green tea produced by Jin Junmei is limited. The annual output is about 8,000 kg. It is out of stock every year. The so-called "things are rare" is expensive. The 500 grams of Jinjunmei need to consume tens of thousands of buds, and the production of Tongmuguan is limited. Under the hype of some tea merchants, Jinjunmei suddenly became red overnight, and the supply was in short supply for a while. The price naturally rose.

Characteristics of Jin Junmei

Appearance: Jin Jun eyebrow is small and tight. The colors are gold, yellow and black. The golden yellow is the fluff and tender buds of tea. The ropes are tight and slender, round and straight, with front seedlings, and the body is heavy and uniform.

Soup color and taste: Jin Junmei has a golden soup color, clear, obvious "golden circle", sweet water, sweet fragrance, floral and fruity fragrance at the bottom of the cup, which can not be imitated and surpassed.

Chroma, brightness, and turbidity are the three factors that judge the quality of tea. The high-quality tea has high content of theaflavins and the soup color is clear, transparent and shiny. Poor quality tea has low theaflavin content, turbid soup color, a large amount of suspended matter, and poor transparency.

Jin Junmei is of good quality, and theaflavins are higher than ordinary black tea, so the soup color is golden and luxurious, clear and translucent, shiny, and the golden circle is wide and thick, showing golden yellow. Due to its unique growth environment, all raw materials of Jinjunmei are polyphenols and catechins with relatively high content. Therefore, the content is rich, the tea soup is thick, clear and mellow, with a sweet taste, the sweetness is obvious and long-lasting, no matter hot or cold drinks are smooth and smooth. After 1-2 years of storage, the aroma is more pure and the taste is smoother and sweeter.

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