Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why is itchy vulva, can it be washed with white vinegar?

Why itchy vulva

1. Vaginitis: Vaginitis is the most common cause of female genital itching, especially vaginitis caused by trichomonas or fungal infections, which will cause women to discharge a large number of abnormal leucorrhea, thereby stimulating vulvar skin and causing itchy skin.

2. Drug factors: If you regularly use disinfectant to rinse the vagina, or place the drug in the vagina for a long time, it may cause allergic skin or dermatitis, which can lead to itching. Some women take some drugs for a long time, such as sulfonamides, which can cause women to have drug eruptions and itchy skin on the vulva. And long-term use of drugs to flush the vagina may also cause allergic reactions, which can induce genital itching.

3. Do not pay attention to personal hygiene: during menstruation, due to female vaginal bleeding, if you do not pay attention to personal cleansing, menstrual blood and vaginal secretions stimulate the vulva for a long time, it will cause itchy skin of the female vulva. If the underwear you usually wear is made of chemical fiber, it may also cause the vulva to be in a hot and humid environment, causing itching.

4. Excessive cleaning: Some women often use strong alkaline lotion or liquid medicine to clean the vulva, which will cause the skin of the vulva to lack oil and dry and itchy.

5. Suffering from vulvar eczema, vulvar dermatitis and other skin diseases: vulvar dermatosis can cause pruritus pruritus of varying degrees, neurodermatitis can cause severe itching symptoms, and if it is scratched frequently, it can even cause erosion of the vulva skin, leading to more Serious infection.

6. Suffering from pinworm disease: Women who suffer from worm disease will often crawl out of the anus at night to lay eggs in the vulva, which will stimulate the skin of the vulva and cause itching. 7. Diabetes: Urine from the diabetic patients with sugar will stimulate the itchy skin of the vulva, and if it is accompanied by other bacterial infections, it will be itchy and unbearable.

Can the vulva itching be washed with white vinegar?

Gynecologists pointed out that first of all, I can tell you that using this is useless and will aggravate the condition. Vulvar itching is a manifestation of vaginal diseases, and vaginal diseases are the performance of acid-base balance disorders, so some people think that vinegar is an acid substance, eggs and other substances from the vulva are alkaline, and the acid and alkali neutralization becomes neutral, and the disease does not Is it okay? Actually this is the wrong idea. Vinegar is corrosive. If your vagina ulcers, or just breaks, using vinegar will increase the corrosion, make the wound more severe, and increase pain. So cleaning the pussy with vinegar is wrong.

If you have symptoms of vulvar itching, ask a professional doctor to diagnose it, and then take it better. Pay attention to menstrual hygiene, keep the vulva clean and dry, and avoid scratching. Do not use hot water to wash and iron, and avoid using soap. In case of infection, potassium permanganate solution can be used for bathing, but local scrubbing is strictly prohibited. The underwear should be loose and breathable. Avoid alcohol and spicy or allergic foods. The German Blue Oxygen Cleansing technology introduced by Gynecology is a cutting-edge technology for the treatment of gynecological inflammation led by German scientists in recent years. It has five advantages, such as thorough sterilization, comprehensive care, rapid effect, mature technology, and safe and proper. It can eliminate the itching, burning pain, flushing, leucorrhea, odor, blood, dryness, pain, swelling and other symptoms of the female genitals. It is the best minimally invasive technology for the treatment of vaginitis and vulvitis.

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