Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Why is itchy skin after pregnancy, try these solutions, it works

The most obvious change in the body of the pregnant mother after pregnancy is the belly. As the pregnancy increases, the belly of the expectant mothers also gradually increases.

But there is another place that is quietly changing besides the belly, that is the skin of the pregnant mother. It is said that everyone loves beauty, and premature mothers are also very concerned about their skin condition before pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers will find that after pregnancy, the skin becomes more delicate and elastic than before; some pregnant mothers will find that after pregnancy, they start to have oily acne, which changes from dry skin to oily skin. Some pregnant women will start to have dry and red skin. Itching symptoms may even appear in the second trimester, what is going on? Is it allergy?

1. Causes of itchy skin

According to statistics, one in five pregnant mothers will have itchy skin symptoms. At this time, the pregnant mother will be curious. How can it feel itchy without reason? What causes itching?

With the increase in pregnancy during pregnancy, pregnant belly has gradually become much more obvious. At this time, some pregnant mothers will start to stretch marks, and pregnant mothers will find that the skin near the stretch marks will have a noticeable itching. This is because the fibers break during the growth of the skin.

To say the biggest changes in pregnancy, in addition to external, progesterone in the body should not be underestimated. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, coupled with changes in the mother's own immunity, may cause some small red bumps on the skin, at this time there may be itching symptoms.

Second, the method of relieving skin itching

When pregnant mothers experience itchy skin symptoms, they will inevitably have a restless mood. This restless mood will instead cause endocrine disorders, which may aggravate itching and form a vicious circle. When the itching condition is unusually uncomfortable, the mother-to-be should also try not to grab it by hand. Once the skin is scratched, it will not only relieve the symptoms but may cause wound infection.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers experience itching skin, they may wish to relax and divert their attention. As the mood changes, endocrine adjustments, itching symptoms may also be improved.

In addition to mood adjustments, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to daily diet. Some foods that cause skin allergies should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, spicy and irritating foods should also be eaten as little as possible, such as onion, ginger, garlic, and chili. Mothers should also pay attention when choosing clothes to wear.

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