Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Why does it cause eyelids to jump?

Why does it cause eyelids to jump?

"Left-eye jump fortune, right-eye jump for disaster" Many people will have this idea after "eyes jump"! This is actually a kind of misunderstanding.

"Eyelid jump" is the twitching of the eyelid muscles, that is, the spasm of the eyelid muscles. Sometimes it is limited to the upper or lower eyelids, and sometimes the upper and lower eyelids twitch simultaneously.

The muscle movement of the face and eyelids is innervated by the facial nerve. When the facial nerve is stimulated, it will cause the twitching of its innervated muscles. If it only affects the branches that dominate the eyelid, only the eyelid jump will appear, so eyelid jump is not a harbinger of the scourge. , But caused by abnormal activity of the facial nerve.

1. I have recently been in a bad mood due to some reason, leaving the spirit in a state of hesitation; business failure or investment failure; my heart always predicts that the advent of some undesirable consequences will cause mental anxiety, and the facial nerve will be stimulated by some kind, such as the brain Masses, inflammation or scars irritate the facial nerve.

2. There are chronic inflammations such as conjunctivitis in the eye area. Frequent hand rubbing of the eyes and irritation of the muscles of the eyelids can also cause eyelid jumps, and those with mildness are mostly related to eye inflammation.

A slight eyelid jump only brings some uncomfortable feelings, and will not cause adverse consequences. After a rest, most of them will automatically subside, and sometimes need to be supplemented with medical treatment. For example, treating conjunctivitis and supplementing vitamin B, B6, etc. If the upper and lower eyelids jump, the discomfort is more obvious, and even more serious upper and lower eyelids jump can cause the eyes cannot be opened, and the affected eye is in a spasm closed state, which will inevitably affect visual Thing, causing the patient's mental depression. But it will not adversely affect life or health.

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