Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Why do others have fetal drum kits when they are pregnant, but you don't? Listen to what people say

Pregnancy is a big thing for a woman, not only does it mean greater responsibility on the shoulder, but also a lot of pain during pregnancy. But none of this can be compared to the joy that the coming little life brings to oneself, that cannot be understood by others. Especially when the pregnant woman is pregnant for a period of time, there will be a bulge on the belly from time to time. This is caused by the fetus turning over in the belly of the pregnant woman and doing stretching exercises. It's as if the fetus is saying hello to the pregnant woman, and it makes people feel that a little life is thriving in their body. This kind of feeling is very wonderful. However, there are also some pregnant women whose pregnancy months are not shallow and their stomachs grow up day by day, but never have belly bellies. Some people start to worry about what is wrong with the fetus. So why do others have fetal drum kits when they are pregnant, but you don't? Listen to what people say.

Sister Liu said: When I was pregnant, it was not until the eighth month that the fetal bulge appeared. At that time, I was worried about what happened to the fetus. As a result, the doctor told me that because each person's physique is different, the time for this reaction will also be different. In fact, the fetal drum kit is actually a exercise in the belly of a pregnant woman, which stretches out his hand and turns over, so that the drum kit appears. However, some fetuses are very active, and some fetuses are relatively quiet, so not all pregnant women will have this condition. As long as you are in good health, you can give your fetus enough nutrition.

Xiao Ling, a friend who had given birth to a second child this year, said: I have had two children, and there have never been any cases of fetal movement. It is because I have too much fat on my stomach, and it is not easy to see what happens to the fetus. But the baby was born very healthy. The fetus will hit the wall of the uterus in the mother's body, and the fat on the stomach has a buffering effect. If there is too much fat on the stomach, the fetal activity will not be too obvious.

In addition, too much amniotic fluid can also make it difficult to detect fetal movement. In addition to layers of fat, there is also amniotic fluid between the fetus and the mother. If there is too much amniotic fluid, the fetus's activity in the mother's body is difficult to detect. But too much amniotic fluid is not a good thing, it is very disadvantageous for pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, you should go to the hospital regularly for inspection. If you have too much amniotic fluid, you must not be careless and carefully follow the doctor's instructions.

For pregnant women, taking care of themselves and the fetus is the most important. Don't worry too much about when the fetal drum kit will appear. It is only necessary to go to the hospital regularly for obstetric examination, so that you can know the development of the fetus in time, and if there are any problems, you can find them in advance and solve them early.

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