Monday, June 22, 2020

White hair and diet (black hair floating)

Chinese medicine believes that whether the hair is dark and black is closely related to whether the kidney is full or not, and the color of the hair is also related to whether the liver blood is strong. In old age, the yin essence is dissipated, the sperm blood is reduced, and the hair cannot be well moisturized and nourished. Therefore, the hair turns white or falls off. This is also a sign of aging and a normal physiological process.

Hair dyeing has become the choice of many beauty lovers. In order to avoid accidents during hair dyeing, there are three points to be noted when dyeing hair: (1) choose a plant-based hair dye and confirm that it is a qualified product; (2) use It is best to do a skin allergy test before hair dye to prevent allergic reactions like Lao Hao. (3) After dyeing your hair, avoid exposure to sunlight and salt water and chlorinated water. Especially when swimming, be sure to wear a shower cap to prevent discoloration and affect the effect.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys are black, and the black foods are mostly into the kidney meridian, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, and nourishing qi and blood. Rice is beneficial to qi and blood, warm stomach and spleen, nourish liver and kidney, reduce stool, relieve cough and asthma. Modern nutritional studies have shown that black rice is rich in protein, starch, fat, multi-vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals and natural melanin, is the leader in grain food. In addition, soy milk, tofu and other soybean products made from black beans are also good therapeutic products for patients with early hair whitening and hair loss caused by kidney deficiency. Therefore, although Aunt Hao's approach can not achieve the purpose of treating gray hair, it is indeed a good way to maintain health and delay the occurrence of gray hair. Other black foods include mulberry, black sesame, black fungus and so on.

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