Monday, June 22, 2020

Which ten kinds of people are easy to get breast cancer?

With the changes in modern women's lifestyles, dietary habits and environmental factors, some new female physiological characteristics have emerged accordingly, which provides a hotbed for the incidence of breast cancer.

1. Menarche or late menopause before the age of 13

New physiological phenomena of women today, such as early menarche, delayed menopause, infertility and late childbirth, have greatly increased the incidence of breast cancer. Epidemiological studies have shown that children are now rich in nutrients, abuse of supplements, menstruation is generally advanced, some women artificially delay menopause to prolong puberty, and breasts are exposed to estrogen for too long. In addition, celibacy, short duration of marriage, many sexual partners, and an age of more than 30 years of age, female breast hyperplasia patients increase. Although breast hyperplasia is not a malignant tumor, it may be converted to breast cancer if it does not heal for a long time.

2. Breast hyperplasia does not heal for many years

Mammary gland hyperplasia is a chronic disease. Although not every case of mammary gland hyperplasia will be malignant, the many connections between the two prompt people to take active care and treatment.

Prompt: Those with hyperplasia of mammary glands who are older, have a longer medical history, larger masses, and less obvious relationship between the masses and menstruation are prone to malignant transformation. In view of the possible malignant transformation of breast hyperplasia, it is recommended to adjust and improve as soon as possible without delay.

3. Repeated abortion surgery

Many women always ask the doctor before abortion: how much impact does abortion have on the body? And they generally refer to the damage and pain to the body, but do not recognize the impact of the painless and itchy hormone changes on the human body.

4. Commonly used hormone drugs or cosmetics

Studies have shown that abuse of estrogen-containing health products may cause breast cancer.

5. Have a family history of breast cancer to remove genetic causes and environmental factors

Each of us is a branch sticking out of that huge FAMILY TREE – the health of the backbone will affect our future to varying degrees.

6. Not breastfeeding or breastfeeding too long

7. Obesity or excessive fat intake

8. Mental depression, often angry and in a bad mood

9. Repeated long-term exposure to various types of radiation (multiple radiation, computers, mobile phones, etc.)

10. Bachelorhood or infertility after marriage

Therefore, breast cancer experts warn: understanding breast health knowledge, adjusting lifestyle, and curing breast hyperplasia are the best measures to block the precancerous lesions of breast cancer and prevent breast cancer.

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