Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Where can't you touch the car? Car tips

Now that cars are becoming more and more popular, they have almost become a transportation tool for every household, so many people will learn more or less about cars, but what everyone does not know is that there are several places on the car that must not be touched. It's easy to have big problems if you touch them. Let me tell you which places it is.

First: the water tank cover with two ears, marked with the word "Danger", whether it is starting or stopping, as long as the engine is hot, we should not use it to unscrew it, because there is a lot of high temperature and high pressure steam in the kettle. When unscrewed, steam will spray out, which is very dangerous.

Second: When we are in a hot car, do not touch the metal plate with the sales sign by charging, because its temperature can reach as high as 80%, which is very easy to burn your hands.

Third: we must not touch the blades of the electronic fan with our hands, because it may start at any time, and once started, the high-speed fan may cut your hand.

Fourth: Whether it is starting or stopping, we try not to subject the central armrest box to excessive shock and impact, because the airbag computer is generally installed under the hand-held box. Once the shock is too large, it is likely to be Accidentally detonating the airbag is dangerous and the maintenance cost is high, and the key insurance company does not pay! Are you angry?

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