Thursday, June 25, 2020

When your body is like this, please stop drinking tea!

Friends who like drinking tea know that there are many types of tea, and different teas have different effects and properties.

Sometimes, when our body sends out some signals, we have to put down the tea cup in our hands and stop drinking tea, so as not to affect the health of the body, and turn "yield tea" into "bad tea".

When a stomach attack occurs

Tea contains more caffeine, especially Pu'er tea and black tea.

For people with too much stomach acid or stomach ulcers, drinking tea during the onset of stomach problems will dilute the gastric juice, which is not conducive to digestion, causing gastric esophageal reflux and even worsening the condition.

When gout attacks

Gout is an intangible condition that hurts your feet and makes you unable to sleep.

Gout patients should not be exposed to purine, tannic acid, seafood and other foods, and tea contains a certain amount of tannic acid substances. At this time, drinking tea will only aggravate the disease, especially strong tea or tea that has been steeped for a long time.

When you have constipation

Most of the dietary fiber that people eat is too fine, and contains a lot of additives, which is not conducive to human digestion and absorption, and often leads to constipation.

The tea polyphenols in the tea will make the stool more dry. For people with strong stomachs, clean water or Fuzhuan tea with beneficial bacteria is the best way to cure constipation.

When insomnia

Some old people say, don’t drink tea at night, you can’t sleep while drinking tea.

Tea contains a certain amount of caffeine to control the central excitability of the human body. The more you ingest, the more excited you are. Drinking tea before going to bed or during insomnia is like adding frost to the snow.

At this time, you can choose some post-fermented black tea, golden flower bacteria to clean up intestinal garbage, and do not affect sleep after drinking.

When bones grow and develop

Children are in a critical period of bone growth and development, and the alkaloids in tea affect the absorption of calcium, which may lead to skeletal dysplasia in children in the long term. Parents should be cautious and light when giving tea to children.

Drinking tea is good, but don’t be greedy for special occasions! If you don’t have these conditions, it’s a good idea to have a cup of high-quality, authentic tea from the original place without pollution and pesticide residues.

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