Monday, June 29, 2020

When the temperature drops suddenly and the cold current hits

[Battery power is more easily exhausted]

The reporter learned from some auto repair chains that since last month, there has been a marked increase in phone calls for help due to lack of electricity while driving. Experts point out that because the temperature is relatively low, the power consumption of cars in winter will be significantly greater than in other seasons. In particular, batteries play an important role in the use of vehicles. If it can't supply power normally, the most intuitive performance is that after turning the car key, the owner finds that the vehicle is completely unresponsive. Especially at present, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, which is a high-risk period when the vehicle lacks electricity. In a low-temperature environment, the battery capacity is much lower than that at normal temperature, and it is easy to cause the vehicle to not catch fire when the temperature is lower in the morning or at night.

Therefore, experts pointed out that it is necessary to check the battery regularly, if it is found that there is not enough electrolyte, we must pay attention to timely replenishment. At the same time, it is recommended to check for electrolyte leakage. Although the theoretical service life of the battery is about two years, some products will be "short-lived", and they will run out of electricity after only one year of use. Usually turn on the car audio or use electrical appliances that consume more power to over-frequency, which is easy to shorten its service life. Individual merchants reduce the production cost of products, which also leads to a significant reduction in the service life of some batteries.

[The increase in fuel consumption is more obvious]

Some car owners found that fuel consumption will increase when using the car in winter. Experts say this is directly related to the thicker motor oil. Due to the high temperature in summer, the engine needs oil with a higher viscosity to ensure proper viscosity to achieve a better lubrication effect.

But when the weather is cold, it will cause the cold car engine oil to be too thick, which not only affects the start, but also increases the wear of the machine parts. At the same time, the hot car engine oil is too thick will reduce the lubrication and sealing performance, so it should be as rare as possible. But it should not be too thin, otherwise it will not guarantee the formation of a sufficient oil film, so that the parts are in a dry grinding state and increase wear.

In addition to the increase in engine oil viscosity in winter, which will increase the engine load and lead to fuel consumption, the outdoor temperature is low in winter, and the hot car time will increase accordingly, and more fuel will be consumed; moreover, the idling hot car, because the engine temperature is lower than the normal operating temperature The engine will increase the fuel injection amount, change the ignition advance angle to maintain the temperature, and also increase the fuel consumption accordingly.

[At this time, waxing is easier to vacuum]

It has not rained for a long time and the air is extremely dry. Some car owners found that even if the doors and windows of the whole car were closed tightly, they still felt a sense of vacuum when sitting in the car after passing by some construction sites. In addition to some car owners forgetting to switch the internal and external circulation of the air conditioner and absorbing the dust outside the car, there are actually many reasons for the dust inside the car, especially when the vehicle is used for three or four years, the door side seals will deteriorate. When you open the hood, you will also see dust easily entering the gaps of each wiring harness. In addition, the gearbox dust cover is loose, and the throttle and clutch will also cause dust to enter the car.

For the parts that are easy to get into the dust, you can take some DIY methods to remedy. If the door edge seal is aging, you can buy a rubber protective agent to apply to the door edge seal, or you can buy a self-adhesive semi-circular door edge seal to strengthen the adhesive strip and stick it to the door. For other dusty parts, you should go to the maintenance point to check and replace.

When it is found that there is a lot of dust in the car, the use of special equipment can minimize the impact. When driving, due to vibration or airflow impact, the dust inside the car will damage the health of the occupants in the car. If the windshield is not clear, it will also hinder the driver’s vision and affect driving safety. Driving on harsh roads may also cause a large amount of dust in the air-conditioning radiators and pipes. Some vans and station wagons cannot be shared with the engine radiator, so the air-conditioning radiators should also be cleaned in time. As for the dust accumulation in the air-conditioning pipeline, although it cannot be directly contacted, you can directly inject a special cleaning agent into the air-conditioning inlet, and then open the circulation in the air-conditioning to remove the dust in the pipeline.

During this special period, it is necessary to clean the air filter diligently. The specific method is to open the hood, remove the filter element of the filter, and take the dust to remove the dust inside if it is too dirty. , It should be replaced.

It is worth mentioning that, because the car is not glorious enough, some owners like to wax the car, but in this dusty period, waxing will attract dust more. It is recommended to choose the coating method, but it is best Construction is carried out before winter, the dustproof effect is better.

[The air conditioner should be activated once a week]

When the weather is not too cold, some car owners prefer not to turn on the air conditioner and to open the windows to ventilate. Experts said that the practice of not turning on the air conditioner for a long time will cause chronic damage to the air conditioning system. When the air conditioning refrigeration system of a car is parked for a long time, the moving parts will "bite", the starting resistance torque will increase, the air conditioning electromagnetic clutch will slip, excessive wear, and the shaft seal will dry out and stick and fail, causing leakage. Therefore, experts suggest that the air conditioning and refrigeration system should be started 2 to 3 times every 20 days, about 10 minutes each time, which consumes less fuel, but avoids the major loss of the evaporator and compressor. Therefore, winter air conditioning is best started once a week.

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