Friday, June 26, 2020

When making tea, why does it taste heavy?

Many tea friends said that when encountering such a problem, when brewing a certain bubble tea, the first three bubbles have already tasted heavy water taste, that is, the state of separation of tea and water when drinking. Why is the taste of water so strong when making tea? The reasons are summarized as follows:

Excellent water quality

The hardness of water affects the solubility of tea content. Soft water has high solubility and strong tea flavor.

Hard water contains more calcium, magnesium ions and minerals, resulting in low solubility, so the taste of tea is light. Therefore, we should choose soft water as much as possible, and avoid using high hardness water such as well water to brew tea.

Water temperature is too low

Tea solubility is also proportional to water temperature. If the temperature of the brewed tea water is low, the amount of tea content dissolved is small, resulting in insufficient tea flavor and heavy water flavor.

In fact, there is no need to worry too much that high water temperature will destroy the vitamins in the tea, because the vitamins in the tea are more stable, and the degree of loss at high temperatures is actually very limited.

The weather of making tea

Spring tea made in the rainy state tends to be watery. The more rainy years, the more likely it is to have a strong water smell.

Tea is damp

Tea is not sufficiently dry during the production process, rainy days and wet storage environment can also cause heavy water taste. This situation is much better after leaving it in a dry environment for a period of time.

Insufficient tea

Waking tea: Let the sleeping or dusty tea leaves wake up through contact with air and water, absorb the world's popularity, and regain the essence of tea leaves for easy drinking and drinking. This process is called "waking tea".

The methods of waking up tea are different for different tea types. When brewing black tea, green tea, and black tea, the method is to take them out of the storage state, put them in the brewing vessel, and wake up the tea with boiling water at 100°C; Green tea, white tea, and yellow tea with high tenderness are awakened by cold storage, put in a high-temperature brewing vessel, and then wake up with boiling water at about 85°C.

The mastery of the degree of tea wake-up is the decisive role of the intrinsic quality of the tea during the entire brewing process, which has a direct impact on the subsequent brewing. If you don’t wake up enough, the water will be heavy in the first few bubbles.

Improper water injection

If the fixed-point water injection rate is too slow, the tea content will not be fully dissolved and mixed with the water, causing the tea to separate. The water injection speed can be increased appropriately, or the water injection method can be changed to improve it.

Sometimes, we will misunderstand a good tea because of some wrong way, but as long as we understand the reason, we can make targeted adjustment and improvement. Make every tea carefully!

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