Friday, June 26, 2020

When is the best time to drink green tea

Green tea is a tea product that we often drink every day. Green tea has remarkable health-care effects and functions. Therefore, some friends who like to drink tea will start to drink tea early in the morning. Drinking tea will help refresh your appetite, but there are also particularities about drinking tea, such as when to drink what kind of tea. If you drink improperly, it will be counterproductive. What time is it

Drinking tea actually has a time effect. Drinking tea in a good time will have a better effect. Generally speaking, green tea is good to drink in the morning, but you must pay attention to drinking it at least half an hour after breakfast. Green tea cannot be taken on an empty stomach, which is not good for your health, and is not suitable for drinking after a meal, so at least after breakfast It takes only half an hour and an hour. Drinking at this time can also help clear the stomach and lower blood pressure. However, when brewing, you should pay attention to putting less tea, and do not make strong tea in the morning.

After drinking tea in the morning, after a night of rest, the body consumes a lot of water and the blood concentration becomes larger. Drinking a cup of light tea water can not only quickly replenish the water needed by the body, clean the stomach, but also lower blood pressure and dilute Blood is good for health and can prevent and treat constipation. But be careful not to drink strong tea when drinking tea in the morning, it is lighter than when drinking tea everyday. It should be noted that after drinking tea in the morning after eating breakfast, because the tea contains caffeine, the stomach will absorb too much caffeine when drinking on an empty stomach, resulting in discomfort symptoms such as panic and frequent urination.

Drinking tea around 3:00 pm can regulate the body's energy, enhance the body's resistance, and prevent colds. At this time, drinking tea is the most important day, commonly known as afternoon tea, for some "three high" people. Said that if you insist on drinking afternoon tea, you can achieve the effect that drugs can not achieve. And tea is rich in vitamin E, which has the effect of resisting aging. Green tea enters the kidney meridian, which helps remove water from turbidity and make urination more smooth. Tea polyphenols in green tea are also the most abundant, with obvious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition to the morning, it is about three o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, drinking green tea can help to regulate the body, help strengthen immunity, and help prevent colds. Especially for the San Gao people, a cup of green tea at this time is very helpful for the treatment of diseases, but it is necessary to insist on drinking afternoon tea every day to have an effect.

The best season to drink green tea

Drink green tea in summer: the summer is hot and the sun is like fire. People are sweating and raining in it. People's physical energy is consumed a lot and their spirits are weak. At this time, it is better to taste green tea. Because green tea is an unfermented tea, it is cold, "cold can clear heat", it can go to the fire, relieve thirst, eliminate phlegm, and accelerate the healing of oral cavity and mild gastric ulcer.

And it has high nutritional content, and also has medicinal value such as lowering blood fat and preventing arteriosclerosis. After brewing this tea, the water color is clear, the aroma is quiet, the taste is fresh, the daily drink in summer, the heat is relieved, the body is strengthened. Treasures of green tea include Longjing, Shifeng, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The soup is green and pleasant. It is known as the "China's green tea leader"; Jiangsu Taihu Biluochun, tea green and green, rich aroma; Anhui Huangshan Maofeng, tea flavor.

To brew green tea, take it in 90℃ boiling water, high-grade green tea and delicate famous tea, the buds and leaves are delicate, and the aroma is mostly a low-boiling fragrance. You can brew it in 80℃ boiling water, you don’t need to cover it when brewing Cup lid, so as not to produce hot stuffy, affect the freshness of tea soup.

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