Friday, June 26, 2020

What's wrong with Xinyang Maojian soaking out

What's wrong with Xinyang Maojian bubbled out? There are many hairs in Xinyang, and there will be turbidity when brewing, indicating that you are a premium tea; if there is no worse grade, there will be no turbidity. Of course, there are also process problems that cause Xinyang Maojian bubbles to appear very cloudy.

First, Xinyang hairy

When brewing Xinyang Maojian, some people often find that the brewed tea soup looks turbid and unclear. Is the quality of the tea not good? The first-class Xinyang Maojian mainly consists of bud heads, which are the new shoots emerging from the tea tree. There are a lot of fluff on it. After frying and killing the green, most of the fine velvet is still left on it. The high-quality Xinyang Maojian is thin, round, light, straight and white.

In the process of brewing, Xinyang Maojian's tea is easy to fall off and float in the tea soup, so the tea soup we brewed, especially the first one, is a bit turbid. But this turbidity is not dust, but tea velvet, which does not affect the drinking, but proves that the tea is of high value and good quality. That's because there are so many hairs in the tea, which proves that the tea is delicate and rich in important nutrients such as amino acids. This turbidity is the peak of Xinyang Maojian, as long as it is not opaque and opaque, turbid and translucent is good tea. If you feel cloudy, you can pour out the first tea wash, and then add water to refill. If there is a white suspension in the tea, you can let it sit for two minutes before drinking.

Second, the problem of tea making process

But the tea soup is opaque and opaque. In addition to the problems of the tea itself, it is probably the reason for the tea making process. In recent years, some Xinyang Maojian tea production areas have emphasized one-sided appearance and tight shape. They have been twisted in a pot for a long time at a lower temperature. The shape becomes thinner and thinner. On the one hand, due to excessive twisting, the broken tea increases, the appearance becomes darker, and the soup color is yellow and turbid , The leaf bottom is incomplete. On the other hand, low temperature is used for long-term twisting in the pot, and the tea rolling twist overflows easily form a pot-shaped substance in the wok under the action of heat. As the tea leaves are twisted, these substances gradually adhere to the dry tea. On the surface of the tea bar, turbid sediments are likely to appear during brewing.

Therefore, it was found that the brewing of Xinyang Maojian tea soup was turbid, and the occurrence of dust and other deposits was not only caused by the fluff of the tea, but because it was excessively twisted during the processing process, and even the skin of the tea was crushed. This is the same as whether there is tea hair. A concept, when the water is very transparent, you can see tea hair, not gray.

3. Improper brewing method

Xinyang Maojian should also pay attention to the brewing method. The correct brewing method can make the soup color clear and translucent, while the wrong brewing method will increase the shedding of tea leaves and the soup color will be cloudy. Like some people who don't understand, the method of high punching is used. The pressure of the water column is easy to cause damage to the tea leaves. The rapid high temperature will also burn the tea leaves, and the tea soup that is brewed will be more turbid.

The correct method of flushing should be the ring wall brewing method. Use water at about 75 degrees (to avoid too high temperature), and then slowly flow along the cup when pouring water. Some people like to use cold water to make tea, but it is generally not recommended to use cold water to make tea. The nutrients in the tea will not come out if the water temperature is too low. Compared with this method, the high-strength method differs in that the tea brewed is that the former soup is chaotic while the latter is clear. The chaotic cup will be slightly bitter, but the latter is clear, sweet, and fragrant.

Xinyang Maojian has a unique personality in color, fragrance, taste and shape. Its color is fresh, clean and free of impurities. The aroma is elegant and fresh. The taste is fresh, mellow and sweet. From the appearance, it is even and fresh green. The gloss and whiteness are obvious. The shape is thin, round, light, straight, white, and the color is emerald green. The fragrance is high and long-lasting after the flush, the taste is rich and mellow, and the soup is bright and clear. The high-quality Xinyang Maojian soup is tender green, yellow-green or bright, and the taste is fragrant, while the inferior Xinyang Maojian soup is dark green or yellow, turbid and dark. It is not resistant to brewing and has no tea fragrance.

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