Friday, June 26, 2020

What's the harm of drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning?

Many people have had stomach pains when drinking tea and coffee, and the premise of these situations is generally fasting, so it is best not to drink some irritating drinks when you are on an empty stomach. Especially drinking tea on an empty stomach is not a good habit.

Drinking tea in the morning, especially drinking tea on an empty stomach, will cause serious harm to the human body. Because the tea contains an ingredient called caffeine, if you drink a lot in the fasting period, the tea will directly enter the belly, causing the intestine to absorb too much caffeine. The result of this is that the gastrointestinal tract produces transient adrenal hyperfunction symptoms, such as palpitation, frequent urination and other adverse reactions.

Experts pointed out that if you maintain a bad habit of drinking tea for a long time, in addition to affecting the health of the spleen and stomach, it will also affect our body's absorption of vitamin B1. Therefore, the saying "do not drink hollow tea" has been circulated since ancient my country.

And drink tea immediately before and after meals. Drinking tea before meals will dilute our gastric juices and affect our eating. Drink tea immediately after a meal. Theophylline affects gastric acid secretion and digestion. Tea tannins also combine with proteins in food to form tannin protein coagulum, which is difficult to digest, and stones will appear in the long run.

In this case, when should we drink tea? In fact, it is not suitable for drinking tea within 30 minutes before meals and within 60 minutes after meals. The best time to drink tea is to drink tea one hour after a meal, after the food is fully digested.

How to drink tea in the morning

It is recommended to drink a cup of warm boiled water after getting up in the morning to clean the intestines. After a while, make another cup of light tea. The tea contains beneficial ingredients that can refresh your mind. Different tea leaves have different effects. It is recommended to change different types of tea, but the amount of tea should not be too much. All are just right and most suitable.

After eating breakfast for half an hour in the morning, you can drink some green tea properly, which has a good effect of promoting digestion and refreshing. After breakfast, you can drink a cup of black tea or drink it with milk.

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