Sunday, June 28, 2020

What to do if there is no fire in winter

In winter, car owners may find that the car sometimes fails to start. The common reasons include several aspects. The following will introduce them one by one, I hope to help you.

The battery loses power: its performance characteristic is that the starter starts to turn but the speed is not enough, that is, the power is weak, and then the starter only clicks and does not turn. The low temperature in winter and forgetting to turn off some electrical equipment will cause the vehicle to fail to start. Especially in the long-term and short-term use at low speed in winter, the battery voltage will be lower than the rated value, and it will start and cannot operate normally. If it happens, please call the rescue call of the service station, or find the car to check, or temporarily catch fire, then you must go to the service station to recharge the battery.

Gasoline flow is blocked: The performance characteristic is that there is no oil pressure in the fuel supply pipe of the engine. This kind of situation mostly occurs in the morning when the temperature is extremely low, which is caused by the long-term dirty fuel lines. When the temperature is particularly low, water and debris are mixed and the fuel line is blocked, and as a result, it cannot start. Emergency method: put the car in a warm environment, and the car can be started in a while; or use the method of cleaning the oil road to solve it completely.

The working state of the ignition system is not good: especially cold days, due to the low intake air temperature, the fuel atomization in the cylinder is not good, and if the ignition energy is insufficient, the result will be a flooding phenomenon, that is, too much fuel accumulates in the cylinder, Exceed the ignition limit concentration and cannot get into the car. Emergency method: You can unscrew the spark plug to wipe off the oil between the electrodes. A thorough method is to check the ignition system and eliminate the causes of low ignition energy, such as spark plug electrode gap, ignition coil energy, high voltage line status, etc.

Valve gluing: When using a car in winter, especially after using unclean gasoline, the non-combustible gum in the gasoline will accumulate near the intake and exhaust valves and the combustion chamber, which will cause strenuous starting in the cold morning, even not catching fire . Emergency method: some engine oil can be dripped into the combustion chamber, generally can be started. After starting, go to the service station for disassembly-free cleaning, seriously dismantle and clean the cylinder head.

The exhaust pipe is frozen: the appearance is characterized by the pressure of the mist cylinder, the fuel supply and power supply are normal, and the car is not allowed. This kind of situation is likely to occur in vehicles with a particularly low frequency of use. For example, if the home is very close to the unit, the steam from the combustion of the engine freezes at the muffler of the exhaust pipe. It takes a long time to affect the exhaust, and it can't start in serious cases. The solution is very simple, put the car in a warm environment, the ice will naturally start. For a complete solution, you can run a high speed in time, and the car runs more, the heat of the exhaust will completely melt the ice and discharge it.

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