Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What to do if the silver jewelry becomes black? Tips for making silver jewelry brand new!

In the processing of silver jewelry, in order to improve the hardness and obtain the best molding effect, usually 7.5% of copper or other metals are added, so this silver jewelry is internationally known as standard silver, where the silver content is 92.5% This is why it is called 925 sterling silver. If there is a high purity, it is 990 sterling silver, so as the name implies, the silver content is as high as 99%. The reason why silver jewelry will turn black for a long time is because silver jewelry will react with hydrogen sulfide in the air for a long time, and it will react with hydrogen sulfide in the air to generate black silver sulfide. This is the main reason for blackening of silver jewelry.

So, if the silverware becomes black, can it be put on hold? In fact, pay attention to the maintenance of silver jewelry, silver jewelry can also shine as new, the following editor teaches you a few tricks to restore silver jewelry to its original brightness, so that your beloved silver jewelry will return to its original appearance.

1. Wipe with toothpaste, wipe the toothpaste directly on the silver jewelry to wipe, and then add a little more water, after rubbing out the foam, brush the seamed area with a toothbrush to avoid the foam from entering the slit, so the silver jewelry becomes exceptional Clean.

2. Wipe it with cotton dipped in white vinegar first. The black silver sulfide will be dissolved in the ester acid or soaked with overnight tea, so that the silver jewelry will appear shiny again.

3. There is another method that you may not know yet, that is, use correction fluid, apply the correction fluid to the silver jewelry, and then wipe the silver ornament with a cloth before the correction fluid is dry. It is absolutely effective and very practical.

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