Monday, June 22, 2020

What to do if a child's teeth are accidentally broken?

The permanent teeth that have just grown are broken or even dislocated, which makes the parents heartbroken. Teeth are non-renewable tissues. After a child's tooth trauma, if the gums bleed, crack, break, loose, or fall off, the school or parents should bring the child to the doctor in time. If they can use some simple first aid methods according to different trauma conditions, You can fight for time for doctors to reduce losses to a minimum.

Such as broken teeth. If the simple tooth breaks, the child does not experience cold or hot pain or tooth pain during inhalation, the doctor can often bond the broken tooth part directly back, or use dental materials to repair the defect; if there is cold and heat sensitivity, pain, dare not chew Food and other conditions indicate that the broken part is too large, and the pulp (dental nerve) has been affected, which requires more complicated treatment. Otherwise, more serious consequences such as pulp necrosis and tooth resorption may occur.

Another example is the loss of teeth. If the whole tooth falls off, find the tooth as soon as possible, hold the crown of the tooth with your hand, wash away the dirt on the tooth with cold boiling water, pay attention not to touch the root of the tooth, and never brush the root of the tooth; then rinse the tooth Put it back in the alveolar bone; you can also put the tooth in your mouth or soak it in cold boiled water or saline, and then go to the doctor quickly. Xu Hong emphasized that the shorter the time the teeth leave the oral cavity, the better the possibility of successful replantation, and it is best to receive treatment within 30 minutes.

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