Monday, June 22, 2020

What to do if a child throws a big bag on his head

Children are naturally active, and bumps often occur. When a child falls on the head and hematoma occurs, parents should not panic and should take correct measures. The following is a specific introduction:

1. Maintain calmness and correct judgment: First, make a correct judgment on the child's consciousness and the degree of fall. At this time, it is necessary to distinguish between urgent and timely medical treatment such as continuous bleeding and hematoma of the wound; severe crying; vomiting, more than once; sleepiness, and it is difficult to wake up; abnormal facial features; abnormal behavior, appearing Seek medical attention in time for convulsions. Keep calm during this process, and don't let your tension affect your child.

2. If the child's consciousness is clear: There are no other obvious symptoms except for hematoma of the head, the following treatments can be done:

(1) Cold compress: quickly wrap the towel with ice cubes (or any frozen things in the refrigerator at home) and place it on the swollen area. It should be replaced regularly to avoid local frostbite.

(2) Hemostasis: Use a clean cloth to press on the hematoma to stop bleeding. You can use cold compress and press to stop bleeding together. Cold compress can also stop bleeding.

(3) Observe the child's consciousness closely: ask if she feels sick or vomiting, and do not give the child food for two hours. If the child is asleep, pay attention to observe to see if it can wake up. Do not give your child pain medications etc. without doctor's instructions.

The child has a hematoma of head fall. Parents should not be nervous and calmly judge the special needs to seek medical treatment in a timely manner. If only the scalp hematoma has no other discomfort, cold compress, hemostasis, and close observation can be performed according to the above method.

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