Friday, June 26, 2020

What tea to drink in the summer?

The season when the weather is getting warmer is a good time to expel the cold and dampness from the body. As the temperature rises, the moisture in the air will also rise. Therefore, it is more harmful for people with heavy moisture, so do you know how to get rid of dampness? It is recommended to use summer nine dampness tea.

Tea is not a medicine, but a good health drink. Tea is not a medicine, but for people with different constitutions, there should be different choices. People with heavy moisture should also have different options for drinking tea...

What is the harm of moisture

1. Moisture in the body becomes cold and damp when it is cold, becomes hot and humid when it is hot, and becomes rheumatic when it is in the wind. When the moisture is under the skin, it becomes obese;

2. Moisture is not removed in the body, people will easily loose for a long time, and stool will not form. Yellow tongue with greasy tongue;

3. People with heavy moisture can't beat their spirits all day and affect the gastrointestinal function. The limbs and waist are heavy and ineffective. They always feel that there is something wrapped around them and they are too lazy to move;

4. People with heavy moisture are prone to blessing and bloated posture.

How to judge if you are too wet

1. Hair loves oil;

2. The amount of facial oil;

3. Drooling during sleep (moisture is saturated and flows out on its own);

4. The bowel movements are sticky (not easy to wash out) and have many bowels;

5. Big belly;

6. Inner ear dampness (ear zen dampness);

What kind of tea is good for moisture?

There is a lot of rain in the south recently, so the humid climate in this season tends to increase the moisture in the body. It is best if you can drink some tea to condition your body.

It is the right time to repel cold and damp in summer, don't miss it!

The best strategy is to use the external heat to clear the meridians with moxibustion and let the body expel cold and dampness. Then drink some warm tea to boost the body's energy and help the body eliminate cold and dampness.

01 green tea

Drinking tea to remove moisture is of course the green tea of ​​choice this season.

Green tea itself is not fermented, and the tea leaves are not oxidized, which can maximize the retention of various substances in fresh leaves. Green tea contains a large amount of caffeine, tea polyphenols and other ingredients that can be retained in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, if you drink green tea, it is more conducive to diuresis, such as: Dongting Biluochun, West Lake Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng, Xinyang Maojian, Anji white tea, etc. are all famous Chinese teas.

Green tea is cold, for friends whose physique is cold, we must pay attention to observe or drink less, if there is a reaction, stop drinking. Tea friends with poor stomachs should also pay attention to their stomachs, and drink less or not if they feel unwell. For normal groups, once the physique has improved, you can consider drinking with other teas, green tea in the morning, and other tea in the afternoon.

02 Pu'er cooked tea

The easiest way to get rid of dampness-Soak a pot of old Shupu, drink it slowly, the hands and feet become hot, the back of the forehead sweats slightly, the rich tea aroma around the room surrounds you, just like making a natural world How can there be moisture in your sauna?

03 Oolong Tea

Most people with heavy moisture have poor spleen and stomach functions. At this time, you can choose warm teas such as oolong tea to drink. Although the dehumidification effect is not very fast, long drinking still has an effect.

04 Barley Tea

Barley tea is super dehumidifying. I bought barley in the supermarket, washed it with water, dried it in the sun (yin), put it in a pot, and sautéed it on a small fire until the barley changed color and when the fragrant wheat spewed out, I could turn off the heat and set it cold. Bring the water to a boil, add the fried barley, turn to low heat and cook for 15 minutes, then turn off the heat, then you can serve it in a cup.

On a cloudy day, holding a hot barley tea, the rich flavor slips into the mouth with a mature and sweet, how enjoyable.

05 Ginger Black Tea

Undoubtedly, it deserves its name.

Drinking a cup of ginger black tea in wet and cold weather is as refreshing as soaking in a hot tub on a cold day. The preparation method is also very simple, just put a few slices of ginger in the hot black tea and you can drink it.

06 Goji berry barley tea:

300 grams of barley, one goji berry, 2-3 red dates, appropriate amount of rock sugar and water. Pick out the impurities in the purchased barley, clean it with clean water and control the moisture; put the barley in a pan, no oil should be placed in the pot, stir fry the roasted barley on a small fire until the aroma of the barley is fried; then turn off the fire;

Cut the red dates in half or cut the opening into the teapot. You can put a small amount of goji berries in it. If you like sweetness, you can put a few crystal candies. Then put the roasted barley, pour it into the boiling water, soak 5 -10 minutes to drink.

Barley is effective for reducing swelling, strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, relaxing muscles and removing paralysis, clearing away heat and purifying pus, etc. It is a commonly used diuretic and wetting medicine. Barley wolfberry tea nourishes the liver and improves the eyesight, but also moisturizes and removes dampness.

The problem of conditioning moisture cannot be achieved in one day. Need to continue to persevere, and then adjust life habits. In general, if moisture is important, we still have to pay attention to it. The impact of moisture on health is relatively large.

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