Friday, June 26, 2020

What tea should I drink at what age?

With the continuous penetration of tea culture, drinking tea has become a way of life and habits for more and more people. When we drink tea, we often see what tea to drink in what season and what constitution to drink, but few people say what age to drink tea. However, drinking tea really depends on the age.

1. 6-12 years old

Tea contains nutrients such as phenolic derivatives, vitamins, amino acids, sugars, and many trace elements such as manganese, fluorine, copper, and zinc. These substances are beneficial to children's growth and development. Children under the age of 12 who want to drink tea should prefer Pu'er and Hua tea. Pu'er tea is mild and less irritating; while Hua tea is rich in the blend of tea and flowers, children will prefer it. Pu'er tea has a relatively high content of fluoride, and fluoride can play a role in preventing dental caries. Drinking Puer tea in moderation or rinsing with tea after meals can help prevent children's dental caries.

It should be noted that children should not drink more than 500 ml of tea per day, and the tea soup should be made as light as possible. If a child drinks too much tea, it may affect the body's absorption of iron and also affect the child's Digestive function. The brewing method for children to drink tea is to brew 2 grams of tea leaves with 250 ml of boiling water and soak for 5 minutes. The tea soup brewed at such a ratio will not be too thick.

2. 12-18 years old

Adolescents under the age of 18 are more suitable for drinking Pu'er old tea, green tea and old white tea. Pu'er old tea protects the stomach and stomach and helps digestion; green tea refreshes and refreshes the brain; old white tea nourishes the body and improves immunity. Some people think that tea is harmful to the growth of teenagers, but it is not. Nowadays people's living standards are constantly improving, and many teenagers often consume excess calories for development, and some are over-nutrition, which can cause obesity and other symptoms over time.

Tea contains a variety of beneficial ingredients. Drinking some tea in moderation in addition to supplementing certain nutrients can also purify the digestive tract microorganisms, promote protein digestion, regulate fat metabolism, eliminate excess residue, and protect internal organs. Drinking tea For teenagers who are in the learning stage and need to use a lot of brain every day, drinking tea can make the brain more agile. It should be noted that adolescents are in an important stage of physical development. Drinking tea should not be excessive and excessive. At the same time, do not drink tea at night, so as not to affect sleep and affect the next day's learning.

3. 18-40 years old

18 to 40 years old is the golden age of the human body. At this stage, people's immunity, resistance, energy, etc. are the strongest, but at this stage, many people have entered the society, the pressure of life is heavy, drinking and socializing, plus a lot Everyone prefers to stay up late and eat greasy things, and the body is prone to appear sub-healthy. People of this age can reasonably drink all teas as long as their physique allows. However, it is usually better to drink black tea, black tea, and green tea, and occasionally drink oolong to scrape the oil.

4. Over 40 years old

When a person reaches 40 years old, his physical function will gradually degenerate, and his energy is not as good as before. The functions of internal organs such as liver and kidney will also be reduced. It is easier for the body to accumulate toxins. Therefore, after 40 years old, black tea, black tea and black tea should be preferred. green tea. Drinking tea can protect the liver, nourish the stomach, relieve greasiness, and lower the three levels; black tea is warm and more suitable for women to drink; green tea can refresh the mind, drive away the sleepy symptoms caused by staying up late, and improve work efficiency.

Green tea contains some special anti-disease ingredients, such as anti-diabetic substances, which can lower blood sugar, promote insulin secretion, and help diabetic patients recover, while black tea contains very little. Black tea is water. Drinking black tea can enter the kidney meridian and play a role in nourishing the kidney. Black tea is best for those who have dark and dull face, sore throat, loss of appetite, cold back and feet, low back pain, and energy decline. At the same time, black tea can relieve alcohol and tobacco poisons, and can be used for a long time. It can also absorb heavy metal poisons in the body and play a role in alleviating the poison of heavy metals.

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