Friday, June 26, 2020

What should I do if the tea is damp? Use these points to handle it at home

In the rainy season, if the precious tea leaves are not kept properly, it will be very easy to absorb water and moisture. The lighter ones will lose the fragrance of the tea, and the heavy ones will cause mildew. What should I do if I encounter this situation? Can you handle it yourself? Remember these methods, maybe you can save your tea.

1. Sun exposure: If the tea leaves are only wet and not deteriorated or smelled, find a sunny day, expose the tea leaves to the sun, and turn them frequently. This method is longer in time than other methods, but the tea saved by the sun method has a natural sun flavor. Of course, the time and intensity of the sun must be well controlled, otherwise the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will destroy various nutrients in the tea, affecting the shape of the tea and the color, aroma and taste of the tea.

2. Simmer in the microwave: This method should pay attention to less tea every time, simmer and roast many times, and do not set too long each time, so as not to burn the tea, which will have a more unpleasant smell. If the desired effect cannot be achieved at one time, it can be repeated many times until the tea leaves are dry and emit a fragrance. This method can restore the aroma of tea, and can also play a sterilizing effect.

3. Roast with rice cooker: This method is more practical, but you must remember that when using this method, do not cover the rice cooker. After the rice cooker switch automatically starts, turn the tea leaf and press the switch again; Repeat this operation many times, when the tea fragrance begins to float out, you can stop.

4. Stir fry with iron pan: first use the minimum fire on the gas stove to roast the hot iron pan, then put the tea leaves, do not change the state of the fire, always use the minimum fire, and then constantly flip the tea leaves, it is best to use wooden utensils, Use light force and don't damage the integrity of the tea.

No matter which of the above methods we use to save our spoiled tea, "repairing the dead" is the last resort, and "precaution" is the key to protecting the tea. If we love tea, it should be well preserved at the beginning, and don’t wait for it to break down before remedying.

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