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What season is Biluochun tea suitable for drinking? How to drink better

Biluochun is a very common health tea product. It is a type of green tea. Green tea is a kind of cold tea and has the effect of removing heat and drying. It is most suitable for drinking in summer. Let's take a look at the benefits of drinking Biluo in spring and summer, how to drink better?

What season is Biluochun tea suitable for drinking?

Biluochun belongs to the category of green tea. It is a traditional Chinese tea. It is mainly produced in spring. It is mined around the vernal equinox every year and ends before and after the valley rain. In the spring and summer season, drinking Biluo spring tea, the taste is the most refreshing. In addition, drinking Biluochun tea in the morning has an appetizing and refreshing effect. Drinking Biluochun tea 1 hour after a meal can help digestion and promote metabolism.

Benefits of drinking Biluochun tea in summer

1. Drinking Biluochun often can lose weight because Biluochun has a good lipid-lowering effect. The fragrant aromatic compounds can dissolve fat and prevent fat and garbage from staying in the body, and Biluochun contains some active ingredients, which can reduce food Fat absorption, and promote the oxidative decomposition of fatty acids and inhibit the activity of fat synthase, at least 90 to 690 mg of tea polyphenols per day, to play a certain role in weight loss, and it is best to drink tea in the morning and morning . If you drink tea after five o'clock in the afternoon, it may cause insomnia at night, and reducing sleep may not improve weight loss.

2. Often drinking Biluochun can be beauty and beauty, add green tea ingredients in the care products, the most important thing is to borrow its antioxidant effect, improve skin resistance to achieve anti-aging purposes, because green tea contains a tea polyphenol substance, mainly It is manifested in the regulation of multi-vitamins on body functions. It has very strong physiological activity and antioxidant properties, can help the body to resist aging, is a scavenger of free radicals in the body, and is very effective, and green tea can also control oil There is also the effect of shrinking pores.

3. Drinking Biluochun often can reduce the fire. We all know that Biluochun is a tea made without fermentation. This tea not only has a cold tea, but also retains the natural substances of fresh leaves. Among them, tea polyphenols and caffeine retain freshness. More than 85% of the leaves, about 50% of chlorophyll retention, and less vitamin loss, thus forming the characteristics of green tea "clear soup green leaves, strong taste convergence", green tea is cold, has the effect of clearing fire, and eating can clear the body The hot air has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire. Especially when the weather is hot in summer, drinking Biluochun is very effective in clearing heat and heat.

How to drink Biluochun better

First, bubble Biluochun cannot use boiling water. Because Biluochun has not been fermented, and the tea leaves are very delicate, the tea will be scalded with boiling water. It is best to use 70-80 degrees blisters. High water temperature is one of the sources of bitterness.

Second, the brewing time should not be too long, and it will be bitter after a long time.

Third, use high-density tea sets, such as glass cups, porcelain cups, etc., and cannot use purple sand vessels, which will easily cause the loss of tea flavor.

Fourth, some people like to soak Biluochun in a glass. First, fill the glass with 1/3 of boiling water. When the water temperature drops to 70–80 degrees, put Biluochun in, and then wait for Biluochun tea to bloom Open, add another 1/3 of water.

Taste the elegant and delicate fragrance of Biluochun is a very enjoyable thing. Biluochun is very particular about how to brew. Tea brewing requires mastering skills and personal continuous practice and exploration in order to master the know-how. Drinking tea is very healthy, and nourishing the heart. In a busy life, stop to enjoy the tranquility of a cup of tea, is it not a kind of life enjoyment!

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