Sunday, June 28, 2020

What problems should be paid attention to in car maintenance?

The key to using a car is to "support", and the key to supporting a car is to support the core. Chassis, engine and tires are the most critical core components for normal driving.

Chassis maintenance

Usually, the car owner is neglected to take care of the chassis. When oil leakage and chassis deformation are found, the chassis is already rusty. For this reason, making a chassis armor for your car early is a good way to prevent chassis corrosion.

Chassis armor is not a layer of iron armor on the chassis of the car, but a special elastic gum material is sprayed on the chassis surface, which can prevent rust, abrasion, shock, and noise, just like putting a strong armor on the chassis of the car. The chassis has since become "invincible." This is currently the most effective chassis protection measure.

Engine maintenance·Save fuel consumption

As oil prices continue to rise, from engine oil to auxiliary additives, all kinds of oil products that help to save fuel have begun to receive widespread attention from the majority of car owners. Car owners are aware that the friction caused by engine component friction will consume a lot of energy, so more and more car owners choose to add high-quality fully synthetic motor oil to the car. Compared with ordinary mineral oil and semi-synthetic oil, the change in viscosity of fully synthetic engine oil is least affected by climate, thereby reducing engine component wear and saving fuel consumption.

In addition, various fuel-saving auxiliary additives are also welcomed by the majority of car owners. Combustion aid can increase gasoline octane number, anti-wear agent can reduce engine dry friction, detergent can remove fouling of fuel supply system, and finally achieve the effect of improving fuel efficiency and reducing friction resistance. Qualified additives generally have a fuel saving rate of 5%-15%.

Tire maintenance

In the past, there was almost no inspection and maintenance of tires by car owners. Until the tires failed or even caused traffic accidents, the owners did not realize the importance of tire safety. In recent years, with the improvement of maintenance awareness, car owners have begun to pay attention to tire safety. In addition to tire pressure testing, many car owners have developed a good habit of doing four-wheel positioning and dynamic balancing every six months. Some car owners have installed TPMS on their vehicles, allowing precise electronic sensors to check the safety of their tires.

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