Tuesday, June 23, 2020

What medicines should women use with caution during menstruation?

In women's menstrual period, drugs used with caution or unsuitable are:

(1) Vaginal local medicine for the treatment of gynecological infections: The use of lotions, suppositories, effervescent tablets for the treatment of vaginal inflammation should be suspended.

(2) Laxatives: If the effect of magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate diarrhea is more serious, it can cause reflective pelvic congestion, so it should be disabled during menstruation; other gastrointestinal motility drugs should also be used with caution or avoided.

(3) Sex hormone drugs: such as androgens can cause menstrual reduction, menopause, irregular cycles, etc., progesterone (progesterone) can cause breast pain or irregular vaginal bleeding.

(4) Anticoagulant drugs: can cause menorrhagia, or even heavy bleeding. Menstrual period should be avoided, such as coumarin, heparin, thrombolytic agents, etc.

(5) Hemostatic drugs: such as Anluoxue, vitamin K, etc., can reduce the permeability of capillaries and promote capillary contraction, which can cause menstrual bleeding after use.

(6) Weight loss pills: Most of them contain ingredients that suppress appetite. If used during menstruation, it may cause menstrual disorders, polyuria or difficulty urinating, or panic and anxiety, and even amenorrhea.

(7) Thyroxine preparation: it may cause menstrual disorders, and it should be banned during menstruation.

(8) Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and stasis: this kind of medicine not only has anticoagulant and antithrombotic effects, but also dilates blood vessels and accelerates blood flow, so it will cause excessive menstruation.

In addition, due to menstrual bleeding, the metabolism and clearance of some drugs are accelerated, so women should adjust the dosage of drugs under men's menstrual period as appropriate, such as theophylline for asthma, phenytoin for epilepsy, or the use of antibiotics Erythromycin, antipyretic analgesic antipyrine, etc.

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