Friday, June 26, 2020

What makes tea expire? Can I drink it after it expires?

It is estimated that many tea drinkers have such a question: How can tea be considered expired? Can I drink it after it expires?

Originally, products generally have a shelf life, and tea is naturally the same as agricultural products. However, the formulation of the shelf life of tea is generally more ambiguous. Why? How to judge whether it has expired?

National food hygiene standards also have regulations on the shelf life of tea, except for black tea. This is because Puer, white tea, Liubao, Anhua black tea, Tibetan tea and other black teas will not expire, as long as they are stored properly and not subject to moisture, but they can also improve the taste over time; but but (important Remind three times): Regardless of the relevant regulations, if the tea is moldy, it means that the tea has deteriorated and it is not allowed to drink again. Moldy, not drinkable! ! !

Green tea, black tea, lightly fermented oolong tea, the general shelf life is 12 months to 24 months. This mainly depends on the packaging form, the moisture content of the tea itself. Some teas are stored in bulk and cannot be protected from moisture and light, so their shelf life will be relatively short.

How to judge whether the green tea, black tea and lightly fermented oolong tea have deteriorated: 1. Carefully observe whether it is moldy; 2. Smell the aroma to see if there is a musty smell or an unpleasant smell; 3. Make tea, try it, and feel whether the tea soup Lack of freshness and astringency.

Generally speaking, "expired" tea can be drunk as long as it is not moldy, but the taste and aroma have been lost, and the value of "drinking" has been lacked. With the improvement of living standards, people like this tea generally do not Have a drink.

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