Monday, June 22, 2020

What kind of wisdom teeth can be temporarily retained

1. The upper and lower wisdom teeth grow normally, and can bite, eat well.

2. The roots of wisdom teeth are close to the inferior alveolar nerve or other important structures. There may be sequelae after extraction, and the problem of not extracting is not serious.

3. When a molar is not growing well or needs to be removed, the wisdom tooth needs to be moved forward as a "spare tire" to fill the vacant position. If the wisdom teeth are not correct, but there is enough room for growth, it can also be corrected.

4. The patient has clear contraindications for tooth extraction, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, blood disease, etc., if it is not controlled to the appropriate index, it is not suitable for tooth extraction.

5. "Tooth extraction is too painful!" It is not suitable for those who have serious psychological fears and may have serious complications.

For the last case, because everyone’s pain is different, the experience of tooth extraction for patients is also different. Some patients may pull out their wisdom teeth and go out as if they are okay. Some patients may need to rely on painkillers to get through. For patients who are afraid of pain but need tooth extraction, they can choose to come in the afternoon to avoid the painful sensitivity period in the morning. In addition, female patients also need to avoid the physiological period.

For retained wisdom teeth, care is very important! Because wisdom teeth grow in the innermost, they are most easily overlooked. Sooner or later, brush your teeth in place, you can choose a small toothbrush, wisdom teeth should also be carefully brushed; rinse your mouth after a meal in time to avoid food residues; learn to use dental floss to clean the teeth.

Tips: What kind of wisdom teeth must be removed

Wisdom teeth that cause toothache, cheek pain, and jaw pain-pull out!

Wisdom teeth that will stop teeth-pull out!

Only the upper or lower teeth have wisdom teeth-pull out!

Impeded-pull out!

Wisdom teeth are growing and she is planning to have a baby—pull!

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