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What kind of tea does Jinjunmei belong to?

Jinjunmei is produced in Wuyishan Nature Reserve, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. It has excellent quality and is relatively expensive. The shape of the dry tea is tight and firm, the color is fresh and moist, and the gold, yellow and black are intertwined. The inner soup is golden and clear. The aroma is a complex floral and fruity fragrance with a long-lasting alpine flavor. So, what kind of tea does Jin Junmei belong to? Let's take a look below.

Jinjunmei tea is a branch of black tea Zhongzheng Mountain. The raw materials are picked from the world's black tea origin, world cultural and natural heritage site, Wuyishan National Key Nature Reserve, 565 square kilometers of original ecological alpine tea tree tea bud, tung wood Guan is located in the core of Wuyishan National Nature Reserve. Tongmuguan is famous for its "tea" and it is "the birthplace of black tea in the world".

Tongmuguan has a high terrain, with a forest coverage rate of 96.3%. Its main tea-producing areas have an average altitude of about 1200 meters, an average foggy day of 120 days, an average annual temperature of 11-18°C, and an average annual rainfall of about 2,000 mm. The average humidity is 80%, the soil PH value is 4.5-5, and the soil thickness is 30-90 cm. It belongs to a typical subtropical monsoon climate. Here is the ecological environment where Jin Junmei grew up.

Jin Junmei, a precious tea in tea

The reason why Jinjunmei is so expensive is that it is hand-made by the master tea maker throughout the whole process. Every 500g of Jinjunmei requires tens of thousands of fresh tea bud tips, picking the fresh tea buds of the high mountain original ecological species in Wuyishan Nature Reserve, and then passing A series of complex processing steps such as withering, shaking, fermentation, and twisting were completed. Jin Junmei is a rare treasure in tea, with a small and compact shape, accompanied by golden yellow tea velvet tea, golden soup color, and sweet taste.

Origin of Jin Junmei's name

After the tea is brewed, its soup color is amber and golden brow color, with a light and sweet honey aroma, the product is sweet and smooth, and the buds of the leaf bottom are upright and present a vivid bronze color.

(1) Jin: Jinjunmei is made with Tau Chun Tou Bud, which is harvested once a year, and only the tea tree raw materials in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve can produce the unique quality of authentic Jin Junmei, which is as rare as gold, indicating that Because it is a top-grade black tea, it is named "Gold";

(2) Jun: Because its raw materials are picked from the wild tea trees in the mountainous mountains of Tongmu Village Nature Reserve, and hope that this tea can be promoted as quickly as a galloping horse, it is named "Jun";

(3) Eyebrows: Traditional famous teas all have the name "eyebrows". Jinjun eyebrows are made of tea buds. The tea type is slender like eyebrows. "Brows" also have the meaning of longevity and longevity. Later it was named "Zhengshan Hall" Jin Junmei.

Quality characteristics of Jinjunmei

Jin Junmei's shape is small and tight. The colors are gold, yellow and black. The golden yellow is the fluff and tender buds of tea. The ropes are tight and slender, round and straight, with front seedlings, and the body is heavy and uniform. The soup is golden in color, sweet in water, sweet in the fragrance, and floral and fruity at the bottom of the cup. It is a rare quality that cannot be imitated and surpassed.

In addition, the aroma is also very special, the aroma of dry tea is fresh; the aroma of hot soup is refreshing and pure; the warm soup (about 45 ℃) is delicate and cooked; the cold soup is elegant and elegant, and the fragrance is high and lasting. Both hot and cold drinks are smooth and smooth, with the characteristics of "clear, harmonious, mellow, thick and fragrant". 12 times in a row, the taste is still full and sweet. After the leaf bottom is stretched, the bud tips are fresh and the show is very bright.

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