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What kind of tea can you drink during menstruation, 3 teas to warm your stomach, beauty and beauty

Many female friends who like to drink tea don’t know if they can drink during menstruation, but they may feel uncomfortable if they drink, and they may feel uncomfortable, so they hesitate.

Can you drink tea during menstruation

Whether a female friend can drink tea during menstruation depends on her own constitution. If a female friend has a good physique and likes to drink tea, you can drink appropriately during menstruation. However, it should be noted that do not drink strong tea or frozen tea.

If female friends are in poor health, and at the same time have a little anemia, and there are abnormal symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, drinking tea during menstruation will make the body more and more uncomfortable, then it is not suitable for drinking tea.

There are substances such as tannic acid in strong tea, which will affect the body's absorption of iron, and then react with iron to form a precipitate. In addition, the caffeine and theophylline in strong tea will stimulate the nerves, which will cause female friends to have many abnormal symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and increased menstrual flow. Therefore, you should not drink strong tea during menstruation.

What tea can I drink during menstruation

1. Rose tea: Female friends can drink some rose tea during menstruation. It has the functions of regulating menstrual blood and relieving pain, and effectively improves various discomfort during menstruation. If a female friend often feels irritable and unhappy during menstruation, it is also suitable for drinking this flower tea, which can make her mood happy.

2. Black tea: Black tea has the effect of warming the stomach. Drinking black tea for menstruating female friends helps the abdomen to generate heat, thereby achieving the effect of relieving pain. Female friends with dysmenorrhea may wish to drink a few cups during menstruation, the effect is quite good. Of course, if dysmenorrhea has seriously affected normal life, then it is best to take a time to go to the hospital for examination.

3. Chinese wolfberry red jujube tea: Chinese wolfberry red jujube tea has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi. Break the red jujube in half and put it in a cup. Then put the appropriate amount of Chinese wolfberry into it, and then brew it with boiling water. Female friends who are not in the menstrual period can also drink it. This flower tea also has the function of beauty and beauty.

Female friends drinking tea during menstruation can easily cause a series of diseases, such as anemia, constipation, etc., which seriously affects physical and mental health, so it is better to drink less.

In addition, female friends are relatively weak during menstruation. At this time, do not beat your waist, do not have tooth extraction and physical examination, otherwise it will make you feel more uncomfortable.

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