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What is wake up tea and how to wake up?

Some new Pu'er green teas will bring a bit of pyrotechnic smell, sun-flavoring, etc., and can also have a dissipative effect by waking up the tea.

Pu'er cooked tea generally needs wake-up tea, especially in the more recent years, to eliminate wacky gas through wake-up tea. After aging, the old Pu'er tea often has a dull taste and loose fragrance, making it difficult to show its deep and full flavor. Waking up tea can wake up the activity of old tea, dissipate the smell, and make the tea more palatable.

There are two ways to wake up tea:

One is "dry wake", which refers to the awakening before brewing; the other is "wet wake", which is the awakening when brewing.

1. Wake up

Dry wake-up tea refers to the purpose of awakening the quality of tea and condensing the aroma of tea by changing the storage method of Pu'er tea. The common steps are as follows:

1. Split and press the tea.

That is, remove the packaging and dissolve the squeezed Pu'er tea. The newly-pressed Pu'er tea has a relatively tight structure, and tea needles or tea knives need to be used to break tea. For tea cakes, you can insert the knife horizontally along the edge from the side of the tea cake when tea is released; it is easier to split the tea into two pieces when the brick is inserted from the side, and then divide it into small pieces; Tuocha is usually pressed tightly, which can be pressed from the edge or side Break into the tea.

Try to maintain the integrity of the leaves during tea break, and follow the rules of the leaves to unwind. Xie Lao tea is also called "dial tea", because the old tea has a loose body, and the leaves will naturally loosen by gently flicking or touching with your fingers.

2. Natural spreading to remove odor.

That is, ventilation and ventilation, allowing the leaves to breathe naturally and dissipate the smell of tea.

Put the disbanded Pu'er tea stall in a clean, odor-free shade, and make it fully in contact with the air. Tea leaves should be covered with a layer of cotton paper or rice paper when spreading to avoid falling into the dust; the humidity in the spreading space should not be too large to prevent the tea leaves from getting wet or deteriorated, nor to be exposed to the sun or long-term lighting.

The length of natural spreading depends on the condition of the tea leaves. For clean tea, it can be two to three days; and the warehousing tea can be extended to one or two weeks, in order to fully distribute the odors such as warehouse smell.

3. Put it in a tea pot for storage.

After being ventilated and ventilated, Pu'er tea is stored in a purple sand pot with ventilation performance, no smell and dry, so that it can naturally wake up and return to air. Purple sand has good air permeability, good light shielding and heat insulation, and can keep the temperature and humidity in the tank relatively stable, so that the tea quality and aroma quickly condense. After entering the Zisha jar, the time to wake up is roughly one to three months.

[Daily simple operation]

Take the raw Pu'er tea you need to drink and put it in an open environment for about half a month to a month, without prying open; when you want to take out the tea and drink it, turn it around along the edge, that is, outside the same period Drink first and then drink inside.

In addition, the awakening process of cooked Pu'er tea is basically to dissipate the gas, which is different from the awakening activity of Shengpu tea. Generally, the tea cake is pryed apart and left for about a week before drinking.

Second, wet wake

Wet wakeful Pu'er tea is also commonly called "run tea" or "warm bubble".

On the basis of dryness, water and temperature are used to help the leaves stretch, so that the tea leaves are fully awakened, which is beneficial to release the best quality of the tea leaves during the official brewing, and wash away the floating dust attached to the tea leaves in various links.

For wet tea, first warm the tea set with hot water, then put the tea leaves into the hot water, and immediately pour out the running tea in a few seconds. When you run tea, you can help you judge the water temperature and steeping time required when making tea by observing the color of the tea.

Pay attention to several aspects when running tea:

First, look at dry tea to determine the water temperature, raw tea, new tea and tender tea need to lower the water temperature, cooked tea and old tea need to increase the water temperature;

Second, the steeping time should not be too long. If the tea is too long, the tea extract will release too much, which will affect the taste of the tea soup, so we should quickly pour the tea water.

[Secret of Wet Awake Tea for Senior Teamen]

First put the old tea in the dry pot and cover it, pour the pot with high-temperature boiling water, and then gently shake the pot, this is repeated two to three times, about five to ten minutes, which is equivalent to a dry steam sauna for old tea , The old tea that has been sleeping for many years is awakened by the temperature gathered in the pot. After opening the lid, you can admire the fragrance of old tea. At this time, inject water into the pot once to start brewing tasting.

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