Monday, June 22, 2020

What is scoliosis?

1. What is scoliosis?

The human spine has its normal comfortable angle. When the spine is compressed, it will cause the spine bone to shift. When the angle of movement is too large, it will compress the nerves and produce acid, numbness and other phenomena. This condition is scoliosis. (People generally refer to this phenomenon as bone marrow)

2. The curvature of the waist is different?

This should be a pelvic shift! It may be caused by a violent collision of the pelvis, or it may be caused by the regular erection of Erlang's legs; usually after the pelvis is displaced, the tail vertebra will also be pulled to cause the position of the tail vertebra to shift.

3. What to do if it's serious, should I see a doctor?

When it's serious, you should have sat upset for a long time. The oppressed area will feel sore and tingling. It makes you neither sit nor stand, so go to the doctor long ago!

4. Is less serious need to go to the hospital for correction?

If it is less serious, you still need to correct it, if you are sure that it is scoliosis. Because scoliosis is caused by external force compression or long-term poor posture, the position of the bones and muscles when they are just displaced is not as tight as before, and there will be a small gap between them, which will be a little inflamed at this time, but Bone will secrete a kind of mucus to protect the bone, and the muscle will adjust to the new position of the bone. When the bone is excessively excreted, and the muscle has not completely fit the bone, the so-called bone will occur. Sigh. Moreover, the spinal nerve was originally attached to the space between the vertebrae and protected by the vertebrae. When the vertebrae were displaced, it is very likely that the nerves could not be protected by the original. As long as the minor injuries, it may cause serious effects. The dense nerves of the spine and the nerves of the internal organs are connected together. It is recommended that if you have not suffered any trauma before, but you feel that your body has abnormalities, or regular numbness, you should still ask the hospital to take an x-ray to confirm it! No trauma can be linked to orthopedic examination, there is trauma ~ of course linked to surgical Luo!

5. Should exercise

If you feel that the bending is very serious when you touch it with your hand, you can hang the rehabilitation department. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, the rehabilitation department will also teach many self-diy health care actions, which can speed up the recovery!

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