Thursday, June 25, 2020

What is the most afraid of clay teapot?

There are many people who love pots, but not everyone who loves pots knows how to protect their own purple clay pots. The maintenance of purple clay pots is especially important because it not only has collections, but more importantly, it has practical use. So take good care of your clay teapot.

1. Fear of falling

The clay teapot is particularly afraid of falling. For ceramic products, once they are broken, they can not be restored to their original appearance-even if the broken purple sand pot is repaired by means of curry porcelain or gold pottery, the only thing left is the beauty. So how to prevent falling?

When pouring tea, you must press the other finger on the pot button or pot lid, the action should not be too large. In the process of pouring tea, the pot does not leave your hand. Many times, the lid is dropped when the tea is poured. Never imitate the tricks that the merchants who sell pots can’t cover or stand upside down. These are tricks to deceive people. Don’t ruin the love pot accidentally, it’s not worth the loss.

Place it as high as possible, or in a cabinet, out of children's reach, and don't let rough-handed Ma Daha people touch the pot.

Second, afraid of oil

Anyone who likes to play the clay teapot knows that after a long period of use, the clay teapot will have a subtle and restrained luster on the surface, commonly known as "slurry". But it needs to be understood that the "slurry" of the clay teapot is very different from the "greasy" we usually understand.

Moreover, the clay pot with strong adsorption is also very afraid of oil fumes, so it is not possible to smear the surface of the clay pot to make it look more shiny. The gloss of the clay pot is cultivated rather than wiped out.

Once the clay teapot is contaminated with oil, it will easily emit a "thief light", and it will be easy to develop pots with motley. No grease should be contaminated on the inside or outside of the kettle body. Every tea activity requires clean tea, one is to protect the tea from odor pollution; the other is that the teapot can be well maintained. In the process of drinking tea, it is necessary to rub and play with the sand pot with clean hands.

There is another point: In most people’s homes, the place with the biggest smoke is the kitchen; so, to make the clay teapot more nutritious, the key point is to keep the clay teapot away from the kitchen.

3. Fear of taste

As mentioned above, the adsorption of the clay teapot is very strong; in addition to easy oil absorption, the teapot is also easy to absorb the taste. It has a strong taste-absorbing function, which is a good thing for making tea and raising pots; but if it is a smell or smell, it must be avoided. Therefore, the clay teapot must be far away from the kitchen, toilets and other places with more odor.

Fourth, afraid of detergent

It is strongly recommended that you do not use chemical detergents to clean. Never use dishwashing liquid or chemical detergents to scrub the clay teapot. Not only will the tea smell absorbed in the pot be washed away, but also the gloss of the teapot's appearance will be brushed off, so it should be absolutely avoid. If you must clean it, it is recommended that you clean it with edible baking soda.

5. Fear of polishing cloth or steel balls

Do not use polishing cloth or steel ball containing emery when the purple clay pot has stains. Although these things can be cleaned quickly, it is easy to damage the surface structure of the pot and leave scratches to affect the appearance. The best tools are stiff cotton cloth and nylon brushes, even if you use these tools, you can't use brute force. Some flower goods purple sand pots, the shape of the pot body is more complicated, the pattern is not easy to handle when cleaning, you can use tooth wave type toothbrush for treatment.

6. Fear of large temperature difference

Normally, tea is usually made with 80 to 100 degrees of water; in addition, the burning temperature of the purple teapot is generally between 1050 and 1200 degrees. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the high temperature resistance of the clay teapot is very good.

But there is one thing that needs special attention. If the temperature difference is too large in a short period of time (quench and sudden heat), some clay teapots are prone to bursting (especially thin tire clay teapots). Therefore, the purple clay pots that are not usually used do not need to be placed in the refrigerator to keep them fresh, and there is no need to put them in the microwave to kill the virus at high temperature.

Seven, afraid of exposure

When the clay teapot is usually used, most of the time it is in a state of very large changes in cold and heat, but because its structure is relatively transparent, it generally does not have any effect. But one thing to note is to try not to expose the teapot to the sun, otherwise it will affect the gloss of the pot surface.

After the teapot is usually cleaned, it does not need to be dried, let alone dried, just placed in a cool environment and drained naturally.

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