Friday, June 26, 2020

What is kung fu tea

The so-called "Kung Fu Tea" is not a name for tea or tea. It is a technique of making tea. It is called "Kung Fu Tea" because this way of making tea is extremely particular. It takes a certain amount of effort to operate it. This effort is for soaking knowledge and tasting.

"Kung Fu Tea" originated in the Song Dynasty and is most popular in Chaozhou Prefecture (now Chaoshan District) of Guangdong and Zhangzhou in Fujian. It is the inheritance and in-depth development of tea-tasting art since Tang and Song. Su Zhi has a poem saying: "The tea products in Minzhong are high in the world, and you can't do anything without tea."

Tasting "Kung Fu Tea" is one of the well-known customs in Chaoshan area. In Chaoshan, every household has kung fu tea set, and they must drink several rounds every day. Even the Chaoshan people who lived abroad or emigrated overseas still preserve the custom of "kung fu tea". It can be said that where there are Chaoshan people, there is a shadow of "Kung Fu Tea".

"Kung Fu Tea" is known for its high concentration. It seems to be too bitter to drink at first, but other teas do not taste enough after getting used to it. "Kung Fu Tea" uses oolong tea leaves, such as Tieguanyin, Narcissus and Phoenix Tea. Oolong tea is a kind of semi-fermented tea between red and green tea. Only this kind of tea can break out the color and fragrance required by "Kung Fu tea".

The tea set of "Kung Fu Tea", including the stove, is a small red charcoal stove. It is generally one foot and two inches high. The tea pot is made of fine white clay. The boiler is two inches high and the bottom is as large as a bowl. The single handle is nearly three inches long. The red pot is as big as red persimmon, it is a clay pot made of Chaozhou clay, the tea cup is as small as a walnut, and it is a porcelain product, and its wall is very thin.

The tea pond is shaped like a drum and is made of porcelain. It consists of a plate as a "drum noodle" and a round pot similar to a "drum body". There are four small eyes on the plate for leaking. The round tank is used to contain the waste tea that has leaked from the plate.

The flushing cans (teapots) used in "Kung Fu Tea" are not bought and used, but the tea must be used to "raise the pot".

A small pot must be poured into it frequently with the water of "washing tea" (the first tea when making tea), and it will be used for more than three months before it is officially used.

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