Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What is the difference between IVF and ordinary babies? Do you want a test tube?

If it is a family that can have their own children smoothly after marriage, it may not be possible to imagine the pain of families who want children because of various problems but have not yet gone to. For them, there is a silver lining of hope as life-saving Straw, the situation of the whole family may change a lot.

The advancement of IVF technology is definitely a good thing for these families. Moreover, the same healthy children are of course no different.

Introduction by professional doctors: The difference between test-tube babies and ordinary babies is that the pre-embryos of test-tube babies are completed in vitro, and the normal baby embryos are completed in vivo; but when the embryos are formed and transplanted into the uterine cavity, the development of test-tube babies is later It is no different from ordinary babies.

And mothers who have tried IVF have two words to say about other women:

Test-tube babies are only a medical treatment for infertility, not a reason for late motherhood

Test-tube babies are mainly for the treatment of infertility caused by female tubal incompetence, or infertility caused by abnormal male sperm. For many infertile patients, IVF does indeed increase their hopes of having children.

In the context of the advancement of women’s status, some professional women also choose to focus on their careers. This idea is quite dangerous.

The success rate of IVF is also closely related to the age of women. Generally, the success rate before the age of 35 is significantly higher than that after the age of 35. Therefore, don't take the chance of fluke, think there are still many opportunities in the future.

Choose test-tube baby, mother must be prepared to bear a lot of pain

It sounds like IVF seems to be very simple, but the specific process for the mother will suffer a lot of pain that other people can't imagine: from the beginning, taking ovulation drugs, egg retrieval, implantation, fetal protection, etc., Bao Ma said It took a long time for the buttocks to disappear.

And if you are unlucky, you have to face the impact of pregnancy failure. This kind of experience is a pain for our mothers who can normally conceive a baby.

Test tube has made a lot of families and fulfilled many mother's dreams. However, that kind of pain is not only physically and psychologically stressful. When I saw the children, I felt that everything was worthwhile.

It's better to have a baby as soon as possible. When all aspects of the body are still relatively good, it is better to be able to conceive a baby naturally. It's really not possible, combined with the doctor's advice, to see if you can choose a test tube baby is also a good way. Who made us as women, are born to love children!

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