Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What is the difference between babies born in cesarean and caesarean section It can be seen from his first cry

As a midwife, I have been asked the most: "Doctors want me to choose a cesarean section. I can't bear the pain of giving birth too much!" I heard that cesarean section is bad for the baby, but what effect does the caesarean section have on the baby, I don’t know?

In the face of such inquiries, I can only explain to them patiently, first of all, caesarean section is not a patient's choice. As a hospital, we advocate childbirth, after all, it is best for mothers and infants.

Caesarean section is generally a helpless choice for patients after indications for surgery. In other words, if the maternity conditions are good, we will encourage you to give birth first.

However, if there are abnormal conditions on the way, such as the fetal heart rate suddenly becomes bad, or the finger opening time is too long, the fetus is embarrassed in the womb, and it will not be possible to do so without a cesarean section.

As for the impact of cesarean delivery and cesarean section on the baby, I have explained it to the mother or the family of the mother many times. It is bad for the lungs and bad for the establishment of breathing, but these explanations are too professional, and they seem to understand.

In desperation, I summed up a concise statement: What is the difference between a surplus and a caesarean baby, as can be seen from his first cry!

Why do you say that? Let's take a look at why newborns cry after birth.

When the fetus is in the mother's womb, there is no need to breathe. Both oxygen and nutrients are provided by the mother through the umbilical cord, and there is no air in the lungs, which is a very strong mass.

After birth, the newborn's body expands and the rib cage expands. The outside air will enter his lungs, expanding the lung lobes. After the oxygen is exchanged by the alveoli, it will become carbon dioxide and be discharged through the contracted lung lobes. The gas passed through the larynx and hit the vocal cords of the larynx, which gave birth to the first cry of the newborn.

It can be seen that the newborn's first cry is very important, marking that his lungs have begun to work officially, and he can breathe spontaneously!

What is the difference between the first cry of a baby born in cesarean section and a baby born by caesarean section? Normally born babies usually cry automatically after birth, and the crying is loud; but cesarean babies usually do not cry automatically after birth, requiring a doctor to clean up their nose and mouth, and the crying is weak, like a kitten.

The difference in crying indicates a difference in lung function. This is because the contractions are strong during delivery, and the fetus is squeezed through the birth canal, which will squeeze the mucus and amniotic fluid from the lungs, which is not easy to cause wet lungs.

At the same time, when the uterus contracts, the active substance in the alveoli increases, the alveoli develop more maturely, and the lung functions better. Therefore, the cry of the childbirth is much louder.

For babies born by caesarean section, there may be mucus in the lungs after birth, and there may be amniotic fluid in the mouth. It is necessary for the doctor to carefully clean up the foreign body in the mouth and nose to cry. At the same time, because the lung mucus is not completely discharged, the expiratory and inspiratory functions cannot be fully established, so the cry is weak.

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